Top CX Vendors Majoring in BPO Solutions in 2022

Vendors empowering CX outsourcing solutions in 2022

Top CX Vendors Majoring in BPO Solutions in 2022
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Published: May 27, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Business process outsourcing is one of the most powerful tools in any company’s kit if they’re looking for rapid scale, innovation, and growth. According to Grandview Research, the market for BPO solutions will reach a value of $525.2 billion by 2030, and one particular area of process outsourcing is gaining particular attention.

CX Outsourcing involves delagating a range of customer service and experience-focused tasks to leading BPO companies. Increasingly, these BPO brands, including market leaders like Alorica, Teleperformance and TTEC, are helping companies to thrive in a demanding CX environment.

Of course, for these brands to deliver the right results to their customers and end clients, they also need access to the right CX technology. The following vendors offer some fantastic solutions for BPO innovators.


Allowing Business Process Outsourcing companies to access more of the tools they need when offering sensational CX services, Calabrio is paving the way to innovative insights. Calabrio’s easy-to-use and intuitive technology helps BPOs identify potentially dissatisfied customers for clients and pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

The company’s incredible approach to in-depth analytics and custom dashboards ensures that business leaders can measure critical KPIs, including Net Promoter Score and customer sentiment. Through tools like Calabrio One, BPOs gain access to a comprehensive agent and customer engagement suite, ideal for tracking employee performance and customer satisfaction.


Innovative and easy to use, Avaya’s technology for the cloud contact centre is helping leading brands achieve exceptional results in the digital era. With OneCloud CCaaS, Avaya ensures Business Process Outsourcing companies can stay ahead of the curve, giving their customers more in-depth insights into customer sentiment in a cloud-based environment.

Avaya’s OneCloud technology supports Gartner Magic Quadrant BPO leader Atento in delivering better results for clients through artificial intelligence and flexible cloud-based environments. With this flexible cloud-based solution, BPO companies can make the most of the extensive amounts of data they collect in the CX landscape each day.


One of the leading contact centre providers offering specialist solutions for the outsourcing market, Talkdesk is a clear innovator. The company provides the agility business leaders in the BPO space need to support clients in the age of always-on support. An end-to-end solution from Talkdesk promises business continuity across every channel and a comprehensive omnichannel approach to service and support.

Companies leveraging Talkdesk have access to endless innovative tools in one convenient environment, from call recording for compliance purposes to AI analytics and IVR/ACD components. It’s even possible to leverage a host of powerful integrations to top business tools and integration builders for custom connections.


Genesys specializes in offering flexible, scalable, and powerful solutions for customer experience and engagement, making it an excellent partner for BPO brands. The Genesys ecosystem allows BPOs to empower their customers with extraordinary omnichannel experiences while ensuring agents can work from anywhere and even offer around-the-clock service.

As a highly adaptable environment for customer experience, the Genesys ecosystem ensures BPOs can access all the tools they need to keep agents engaged, modernise the customer experience, and take advantage of new technology innovations as they emerge. Genesys can even help BPOs to transition more seamlessly to outcome-driven pricing models.


Innovators in the intelligent cloud contact centre environment, Five9 can help Business Process Outsourcing brands drive a new level of customer experience to achieve outstanding results. Five9 knows BPOs need access to highly flexible and agile tools to ensure they can adapt to changes in customer trends and client demands. With a cloud-based environment, Five9 gives teams access to all of the tools they need to serve customers in any space.

Five9’s state-of-the-art features for BPO companies cover everything from workforce engagement and reporting tools to in-depth analytics and insights. The born in the cloud solution provides everything business leaders need to understand clients, reduce churn, and keep margins high.

Enghouse Interactive

For Business Process Outsourcing companies searching for hybrid flexibility and scalability, Enghouse Interactive has plenty of value to offer. Not only can modern BPOs offering CX solutions leverage Enghouse Interactive to take contact centre interactions into the cloud with CCaaS, but companies can also take advantage of a host of AI innovations.

Tools like SmartQuality make it easy to rapidly evaluate 100% of agent interactions and capture valuable insights you can use to reduce churn and improve overall levels of customer satisfaction. The UC system available for Enghouse Interactive can also work alongside your contact centre and AI technology to bring teams together and support collaboration in a hybrid workforce.


One of the most significant market leaders in the cloud contact centre and customer engagement world, RingCentral provides businesses from all environments with the tools they need to thrive. As BPOs transition towards a new future of customer experience-focused services, RingCentral can give these brands the support they need to innovate and evolve.

The RingCentral landscape offers everything from omnichannel customer engagement solutions with AI insights and reporting to extensive employee communication and collaboration tools. Bringing both UCaaS and CCaaS environments together with RingCentral can help BPOs drive higher productivity levels, enhanced by automation elements and intelligent tools.


Verint already works with several BPO companies worldwide to support them in offering better customer service solutions for today’s modern brands. Verint’s ultra-flexible ecosystem provides access to a vast range of valuable tools for today’s BPO leaders, including intelligent cloud-based contact centre solutions, workforce engagement, and reporting capabilities.

With Verint, companies can easily empower their agents to achieve better results while giving their clients more meaningful insights into what matters most for end users. At the same time, workforce engagement tools ensure BPO leaders can keep all of their employees operating effectively on the same page in the age of digital work.


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