Top CX Vendors Majoring in Retail and Distribution

Vendors Transforming CX in Retail and Distribution

Vendors Transforming CX in Retail and Distribution
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Published: July 13, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Exceptional customer experiences have always been essential to the growth of retail and distribution companies. In a cluttered and crowded market, consumers from all environments choose which vendors to work with, based on the experience they can offer. In fact, 74% of consumers say they purchase based on a perception of experience alone.

Staying ahead of the curve in this landscape can be complex. Customer expectations are evolving all the time, particularly with the rise of new technology and digitisation. Every brand, small to large, needs to ensure they’re investing in the right CX solutions to remain competitive.

Fortunately, there are plenty of vendors out there with specialised solutions, perfect for the retail and distribution landscape. Here are just some of the companies worth considering.


A company committed to helping businesses accelerate their digital position in an evolving world, Vee24 works hand-in-hand with countless major retailers. Brands like DFS, Schuch and Clarins have all embraced Vee24’s platform to create immersive, connected, and virtual shopping experiences. Vee24’s technology enables everything from video-focused customer service and sales to automated bots and assistants to augment teams.

According to Vee24, their platform helps companies to achieve around a 5 times increase in conversions, and a 35% increase in average order value. For companies exploring the benefits of an end-to-end enhanced digital experience, Vee24 could be a great choice.


A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS, and a true innovator in the CX space, Talkdesk brings more intelligence to customer service for retail and distribution companies. With next-generation cloud technology for managing conversations across a range of channels, you can connect with your audience wherever they are. At the same time, in-depth AI tools and automations allow companies to collect and act on available information.

Talkdesk’s technology allows retailers and distributors from all environments to build powerful CX solutions for their audience, wherever they are. The company can even help you understand the sentiment of your target customer.


Another leader in the CCaaS and CX environment, Genesys offers a range of powerful tools for the retail and distribution space. With Genesys, you can create omnichannel customer contact environments, and engage with your audience more intelligently through AI chatbots. Retail companies can set up powerful automations to streamline and accelerate service, while reducing the strain on human employees.

Genesys also makes it easier to track information throughout your customer’s entire journey – offline and online. This ensures business leaders can make better, more intelligent decisions about how to serve their clients.


Salesforce is probably one of the better-known companies in the CX landscape today, offering powerful CRM insights, sales analytics, and intelligent tools to modern brands. Salesforce allows companies to connect with customers across multiple channels and create personalised experiences from start to finish.

You can gain complete insights into the customer journey with Salesforce Customer 360, and connect staff members with insights anywhere. The Salesforce environment is also packed with AI analytics, so you can track everything from patterns in purchasing, to changes in customer sentiment over time. If you want an intelligent view of your customer, Salesforce has you covered.


One of the most important parts of building an excellent customer experience in today’s competitive retail world, is getting to know your target audience. Kustomer, now a part of Meta, provides business leaders with a comprehensive view of their audience, as well as unique tools for boosting engagement. You can create automations with AI, access omnichannel messaging and guide customer service teams.

One of the great things about Kustomer for retail companies is that the technology allows you to unify your data across multiple channels and systems. This is becoming increasingly important in an environment where retail methodologies are becoming more distributed across a host of tools.


Zendesk is a market leader in the “customer service” landscape, ideal for retail and ecommerce companies alike. Zendesk’s powerful solution for retail makes it easier to get up close and personal with the key details you need to know about your target audience. You’ll be able to collect data from all parts of your business in one place, and track patterns as they occur.

Zendesk also empowers retail companies to be more available for their audience, with a branded omnichannel experience for messaging, email, and social media. You can even design a unified knowledgebase in Zendesk and use it to power an Answer bot. The ease-of-use and flexibility of Zendesk makes it appealing to a wide range of retail brands. You can even integrate Zendesk with a range of existing tools.


An innovator in the CCaaS landscape, Five9 helps retail and distribution companies to engage customers on the channel of their choice. You can create virtual face-to-face experiences with video, connect with customers through their online shopping journey, and send messages in an instant. There are even AI chat bots and virtual assistants to help accelerate service.

Speaking of artificial intelligence, Five9 also helps companies to automate common customer workflows and assist agents during company calls. With the all-in-one ecosystem, you can build the perfect stack of tools for strengthening customer relationships and boosting employee efficiency.


Powering effective cloud-based communications for companies like Waitrose and Triumph, RingCentral promises everything from exceptional uptime, to streamlined experiences in the retail world. The RingCentral for Retail environment allows users to tap into a range of tools such as a dedicated SMS API to assist with curb side pickups and alerts.

The RingCentral environment also makes it easier to track and manage internal operations, so business leaders can ensure their teams are operating as effectively as possible. You can track employee engagement, and even provide them with extra information to guide retail decisions. For instance, GPS and SMS systems can help shoppers find what they’re looking for close to home.

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