Twilio Establishes a Presence in Canada

Sandra Radlovački

The move marks the latest milestone in Twilio’s business growth

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Twilio Establishes a Presence in Canada

Twilio has announced its official entrance into the Canadian market, continuing the company’s rapid business growth.

Welcoming the new Vice President and General Manager of Twilio Canada, Dino Marasco, Twilio has already employed over 50 people who will contribute to the company’s consolidation in the region.

Dino Marasco, VP & GM of Twilio Canada, said:

“The market opportunity in Canada is tremendous. Every major city in this country is brimming with entrepreneurship, innovation and engineering talent.

“We’re incredibly eager to take advantage of the massive opportunity to support Canadian businesses in building direct, long-term relationships with their customers.”

Twilio has recognised the potential of the Canadian market, already serving customers like Shopify and Flair Airlines.

Yet, its expansion is more than a move across borders, as Twilio also aims to strengthen its foothold in sectors such as healthcare and life sciences, retail, financial services, and the public sector.

Already, Twilio’s global customer base includes more than 250,000 global businesses, along with 1.3 trillion emails and 127 billion messages exchanged through its customer engagement platform last year.

The company has also recently invested $750 million in communication technology provider Syniverse, becoming a prominent minority owner.

Elsewhere, at CDP Week 2022, Twilio’s CEO Jeff Lawson gave a keynote speech on the importance of first-party data, and how Twilio helps companies make the most out of it.

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