Twilio Launches Growth Automation Platform

Sandra Radlovački

Twilio Engage is the newest pillar in Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform

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Twilio Launches Growth Automation Platform

Twilio announced the launch of Twilio Engage, a first-of-its-kind growth automation platform that helps marketers deliver exceptional omnichannel campaigns that meet the needs of the digital era. The announcement was made at the company’s Signal ’21 conference.

Twilio Engage is the newest pillar in Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Twilio Segment, said: “We believe Twilio Engage is going to disrupt marketing and customer engagement.” “Until today, no single platform has made it possible to power personalized interactions across the entire customer journey. For years, marketers have been locked into one-size-fits-all marketing suites built for an entirely different era. Twilio Engage delivers true end-to-end customer engagement by giving businesses the best customer data, powerful messaging capabilities, and unlimited API extensibility. This is what it takes to deliver truly satisfying customer experiences and improve acquisition, conversion, and retention.”

Kathryn Murphy, GM of Twilio Engage, said: “In theory, existing marketing tools should empower brands to launch unique campaigns, but the truth is that they weren’t built to capture the billions of customer signals that exist today.”

“Teams of data scientists can help interpret these signals, but that is complex and time consuming – a costly ‘data tax’. Twilio Engage is simply a better way to build the best customer experiences and relationships.”

Twilio Engage is a growth automation platform built on real-time, dynamically changing first-party customer data that allows marketers to quickly build and scale hyper-personalised omnichannel campaigns from start to finish.

The combination of Twilio Segment’s customer data infrastructure with Twilio’s scalable, best-in-class communication APIs gives marketers the ability to easily and quickly build world-class customer experiences. Twilio Engage offers over 400 integrations right out of the box, making it easy to deliver communications to the right person, across the right channels, at the right time.

Twilio Engage enables marketers to:

  • Know their customers and accelerate campaign delivery
  • Personalise every interaction
  • Use any combinations of tools, data integration, and analytics
  • Reach every customer, every time
  • Monitor every campaign in one place

 Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, said: “In today’s digital world, the most innovative companies are able to use their data to deliver exceptional, personalized customer engagement. That should be something that’s achievable for every brand, not just the biggest tech companies.”

“It’s only possible with the best data, the best communication layer, and a building blocks approach to software — which is what we’re bringing together for the first time with Twilio Engage. Our vision is to democratize personalization, so companies of every size can deliver the tailored interactions customers expect.”

As a Customer Engagement Platform, Twilio aims to enable and empower B2C brands to build the most meaningful customer engagement experiences at scale. Twilio’s comprehensive CEP brings together globally trusted digital channels, data-driven personalisation, and leading engagement tools such as Twilio Flex, Twilio Frontline, and now Twilio Engage.

Twilio also announced a few other new products at the conference – Flex One, Flextensions, Twilio Intelligence for Voice, Twilio IVR, Regional Twilio, and Twillio MessagingX.



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