Voximplant Delivers Omni-Channel Contact Centre Kit

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A cloud contact centre with no coding required

Voximplant Delivers Omni-Channel Contact Centre Kit

Voximplant, a voice-first cloud communications company, recently announced that the Voximplant Kit is now a next-generation, omni-channel cloud contact centre solution. Built to assist companies looking for new ways to adapt and serve customers in the COVID-19 landscape, the Voximplant kit is a powerful and user-friendly solution for brands of all sizes and backgrounds.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to customise and deploy an omni-channel cloud contact centre, Voximplant offers an intuitive no-code programming system, with AI-powered tools, and automation available out of the box. The latest Voximplant kit enhances the speed of inbound call resolution with high-quality voice interactions, agents can concentrate on creating higher value experiences for customers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Voximplant’s convenient solution for the transformation of the modern contact centre.

What to Expect from the Voximplant Kit

The immersive Voximplant Kit offers a state-of-the-art agent-focused interface for connecting with customers anywhere, through fantastic AI-powered IVR systems, skills-based routing, and messaging. Companies can tap into a complete conversational Interactive Voice Response system, and omni-channel routing, using popular voice and messenger apps.

As an advanced solution for the contact centre environment, the Voximplant Kit provides teams with an experience unlike anything else in the current marketplace. Contrary to other programmable platforms for the cloud contact centre, the Voximplant Kit is ideal for those without a background in coding. You don’t need any coding knowledge to configure your contact centre. This ensures that companies can unlock a faster time to market, along with better flexibility, and ease of use.

As well as being highly accessible, the Voximplant Kit delivers next-generation AI-assisted contact centre services, while keeping costs for innovation as low as possible for transforming brands. Voximplant also promises that this is the first solution on the market that any department in the business, from sales, to marketing and customer service, can deploy with ease to increase their revenue and engagement opportunities.

The Next Generation of Contact Centre

Alexy Aylarov

Alexy Aylarov

The latest generation of contact centre solutions don’t have the required flexibility and features that today’s businesses need to innovate at scale. According to CEO of Voximplant, Alexey Aylarov, companies want to incorporate the latest AI-enhanced functions to meet with the ever-changing demands of the business environment. Unfortunately, accessing that technology often requires a high level of effort and integration expertise.

The Voximplant Kit is an excellent alternative, because it delivers a completely cost-effective and time-saving solution that users can deploy in a matter of minutes. You don’t even need help from the technical team to get started.

The Voximplant Kit enhances engagement and unlocks new opportunities in Conversational Voice AI tech with:

  • Simple drag-and-drop visual editors
  • Easy provisioning, customisation and launching
  • More access for various team members and departments that don’t have specialty expertise
  • Fast and flexible iteration improves campaign performance

With integrated messaging and voice channels, agents can communicate where and how customers are most comfortable. You can chat on calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and switch between channels at will. There’s also faster routing available with smart queues. Users can also choose from several ready-to-go distribution strategies.

Companies can also automate up to 80% of routine calls with human-like voice interactions that match their brand image. There’s also a premium AI-powered voice bot available, with speech integrations to access from providers like IBM Watson, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Companies will have access to excellent speech synthesis support, with hundreds of synthesized voice options to choose from, and speech recognition engines covering over 120 regional dialects and language. Advanced natural language understanding and bot interface support is included with built-in Dialogflow connections for Google.

Discover the Voximplant Kit Today

The Voximplant kit is already helping companies to make a huge difference to the way that they serve customers and clients. Sentry Health Co-founder, Peter Vuong, said that the business, which serves healthcare employers, providers, and patients, is now relying on Voximplant kit. To best serve customers, Sentry Health chose Voximplant as a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution for transformative contact centre experiences.

You can learn more about the next generation AI-enhanced contact centre solutions that Voximplant has to offer, and Voximplant Kit today.



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