Webex Contact Center with AI Assistant Available Soon in Beta

Solutions announced at WebexOne enter beta and general availability

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Published: February 6, 2024

James Stephen

Cisco has revealed that several of the solutions and features released at WebexOne are now – or soon to be – available generally or in beta.

A number of the Webex Contact Center with AI Assistant features are soon to be made available in beta, helping to reduce agent workloads and improve customer experience (CX).

These include ending customer repetition and waiting, automatic customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and topic analytics, and agent burnout detection.

Further availability has been announced relating to the Webex Customer Experience Essentials, Webex Connect, Webex Suite, Webex Go, Sovereign Controls, Webex Control Hub,

WebexOne took place between October 24 – 26, 2023, in Anaheim, California, focusing on the latest breakthroughs in audio and video intelligence and innovations to hybrid work and customer experience.

Javed Khan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Collaboration, announced the new availability in a recent Webex blog post:

At WebexOne, we announced Webex Contact Center with AI Assistant, and thanks to the power of the Webex Platform, we can reimagine customer experiences with our latest AI capabilities.

“Many of these features will help solve common CX challenges, like never making a customer wait and never making a customer repeat themselves.

“This enables businesses to give customers the feeling of having a personal concierge.”

Khan continued: “I am excited to announce these features will soon be available in Beta in the Webex Contact Center.”

Available in beta, Webex Customer Experience Essentials provides customer-facing employees like social media managers and insurance agency brokers with agent and supervisor capabilities, such as analytics tools.

Elswhere, AI-powered Meeting Summaries and Vidcast Summaries are now generally available in the Webex Suite, bolstering productivity by making it easier for users to catch up on missed meetings and video messages.

New features, such as Space Summaries, rewriting, rephrasing, and translating messages, and more, will come to the Webex Suite with an AI Assistant solution.

HD Voice, an AI-powered technology that eliminates background noises, will also be available for all Webex Suite and Calling customers in March.

Cisco’s Webex Go mobile solution that integrates Webex Calling into the native dialler on mobile phones has gained availability in France.

Webex Control Hub gained integrations with ThousandEyes and Meraki last year to support IT teams transitioning to hybrid work setups. These have now been made available to customers, and Cisco believes it is the only one to offer this kind of platform visibility.

The Sovereign Controls feature, which adds to Cisco’s EU data residency program, enables companies to utilize cloud and collaboration innovations while using its European partners, Deutsch Telekom and Eviden, to store encryption keys.

Sebastian Leuser, Solution Architect at Deutsche Telekom, gave his reaction to the Space Summaries feature: “I have been a long-time fan of Webex AI features such as noise removal and virtual background. However, since I started using space summaries, I have found a new favorite.

Space summaries provide me with a quick overview of the discussions happening within a Webex space, allowing me to focus on the conversations that are important to me. I was amazed by the quality of the summaries from the very beginning.

Webex customers may be reassured by the continued investment into the communication and contact center platform, given job cuts last year affecting both Cisco Collaboration and Webex.



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