WeWork Picks Dialpad as its Communications Tool

Sandra Radlovački

Dialpad technology available to WeWork staff in more than 800 locations

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WeWork Picks Dialpad as its Communications Tool

WeWork, the leading flexible space provider, utilises Dialpad as its exclusive communications tool for all team members through a softphone functionality or easy-to-use mobile phone application. Dialpad technology is also available to WeWork employees in more than 800 locations worldwide.

Many business leaders are actively designing a new corporate work style that drives creativity and innovation by adopting a hybrid approach. In this approach, employees work from home on individual tasks and reconvene in-office for meetings, teamwork sessions and group projects. WeWork created the collaboration hub to meet this growing need. They have opted for a customisable workplace design that prioritises flexibility, enhances teamwork, and stimulates creativity.

Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Dialpad, said:

“Flexibility and the power to scale services as business needs change is a core component of Dialpad and unique to our split cloud architecture. The agility of Dialpad’s cloud communications platform allows companies to remain ahead of business trends, pursue aggressive growth plans and, when combined with forward-thinking organizations like WeWork, remake the business office landscape.”

Simple to deploy, available on any device and backed up with Voice Intelligence to create a searchable archive of every call, Dialpad improves communication between employees, customers, and business partners working from anywhere. Dialpad’s cloud-native communications platform is the one place for a truly unified Communications as a Service (TruCaaS) experience.

Elton Kwok, Territory Vice President of California, WeWork, said:

“Partnering with Dialpad was a natural fit for us on many levels. Not only is Dialpad enabling companies around the world to work from anywhere through leading AI cloud communications solutions, but they are also providing that same flexibility to their employees by leveraging collaboration hubs throughout the Bay Area to enable hybrid work. We are thrilled to be able to support Dialpad with flexible turn-key space solutions for their expanding needs globally.”




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