Why is Multi-Channel Customer Contact so Important?

Why multi-channel is essential

Multi-Channel Customer Contact
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Published: March 11, 2021

Rebekah Carter

We’re living in an environment where people are more connected than ever before.

If you want to speak to someone today, you can reach them through instant messaging, phone call, video, email, or social media. Everywhere you look there are more opportunities to reach out and break down geographical boundaries.

The result of all this innovation is your customers are using significantly more channels to reach your brand. Unfortunately, less than half of clients believe that any service channel is “easy” to use.

For companies to provide their customers with the flexible, multi-platform experience they’re looking for, they can’t just pile channels on top of each other. A good CX strategy is now reliant on the ability to blend and sew multiple environments together through the art of omni-channel service.

Why Your Service Strategy Needs More Channels

The best way to connect with your customers will always be to reach them through the channels that they like most. For some, this will mean having an instant messaging app on your website where you can offer suggestions on which services to buy and answer common questions. Around 73% of customers consider live chat to be the best way to communicate with a business.

Other clients will want to hear your voice over the phone or see the functionality of your service through a video demonstration. Video is rapidly emerging as an extremely valuable channel for customer contact because it offers a way to mimic the face-to-face environment when in-person interactions aren’t possible.

Multichannel solutions are about figuring out what kind of ways your customers like to hear from you about offers, support, and guidance, and creating opportunities as a result. Ideally, you’ll also link all those contact channels together in a way that feels consistent for your target audience. For instance, you might start a conversation by reaching out to a client on LinkedIn, then follow up with a video conference, and send notes from that conversation to your customer over email.

The right technology should allow you to not only communicate over various channels but monitor the customer journey and touchpoints you have in each of these environments.

Good Customer Contact Drives Opportunities

Though implementing multiple channels for customer contact into your strategy might seem complicated, it’s worth the effort. First, you have a better opportunity of connecting with your customer through the environment that speaks best to them if you’re using multiple channels. This improves your chances of higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Additionally, it’s worth remembering that a comprehensive approach to customer contact can also get your consumers talking about your brand. Customer advocacy and positive reviews are crucial in this socially connected age. Positive word-of-mouth mentions about your company’s approach to communication could help you to gain more brand awareness and reach.

With a CRM system and the right technology in place, you can figure out which channels your clients like the most and start the sales conversation on the right foot. A person who appreciates intimate visual interactions is far more likely to want to learn more when you reach out through video.


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