ZoomInfo Launches Account-Based Marketing Platform

Sandra Radlovački

The platform enables sales teams to increase conversion rates across multiple channels

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ZoomInfo Launches Account-Based Marketing Platform

ZoomInfo has launched MarketingOS, a new account-based marketing platform that connects sales and marketing teams in a unified system through ZoomInfo’s B2B data.

MarketingOS helps sales teams increase conversion rates using insights and personalised engagement across multiple channels, such as social advertising or email. The platform also offers solutions for websites that improve on-site conversion, including unique visitor tracking and human-first chat experiences.

ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck said: “Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets MarketingOS apart from other ABM solutions.”

“ZoomInfo’s unique data science algorithms allow marketers to connect with the right prospects at precisely the right time. No other solution on the market combines the power of data-driven insights and marketing-optimized workflows like ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS.”

Marketing OS is part of ZoomInfo’s four-piece modern operating system for revenue professionals, titled RevOS. The system lets sales, marketing and operations teams access data, insights, and software to boost growth.

ZoomInfo claims MarketingOS helps marketers “effectively reach target accounts and drive qualified leads for sales”.

The three other platforms in the RevOS system are SalesOS, OperationsOS, and RecruitingOS, now available to customers as well. The entire system offers a unified login and app administration experience, with all apps and tools launched and managed from a single dashboard.



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