ActiveCampaign Acquires Postmark

Charlie Mitchell

The acquisition adds email delivery, management, and analytics capabilities to its rapidly expanding portfolio

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ActiveCampaign Acquires Postmark

ActiveCampaign has acquired Postmark, the email delivery service, to help clients streamline their digital communications.

The CRM provider will also welcome DMARC Digests – Postmark’s email authentication and monitoring service – to its ever-expanding portfolio as part of the agreement.

Despite the deal, Postmark will stay as a standalone product while receiving additional support and resources from ActiveCampaign.

However, native integration to the ActiveCampaign platform is available. Discussing this, Jason Vandeboom, Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, stated:

In integrating our platforms, we’ll be opening up the power of transactional email to non-technical users by allowing them to send transactional emails with automation rather than custom coding and APIs. This is a true game-changer for the market.

Unlike promotional email, which typically involves sending bulk distributions of the same content simultaneously to numerous recipients, transactional emails are unique messages to individuals.

Customer actions trigger these emails. For instance, companies can automate order confirmations when a customer makes an online purchase.

Other possible examples include account alerts, user verification, and billing management tasks such as subscription renewals. These are often critical communications that help to foster cohesive customer journeys.

Sharing further details of how the companies will work as one to offer next-generation digital journeys, Natalie Nagele, CEO and Co-Founder of Postmark, added:

With the support of ActiveCampaign, we’re excited to grow our team and put more energy into parallel efforts across both Postmark and DMARC Digests to create a powerful platform to help small businesses grow.

To achieve this, ActiveCampaign will strive to overcome fragmented customer journeys and communications that often plague marketing and sales.

Indeed, the companies aim to offer a single stream of automation-led communication to build positive customer experiences that facilitate business growth.

In doing so, they also wish to support customers in moving beyond the no-reply email addresses, which do not welcome incoming mail. These irritate over half of customers, with 29% ending their relationship with companies for using them – according to ActiveCampaign data.

Overcoming CX pain points like these is a common theme in recent ActiveCampaign integrations, which include technology providers such as Delighted, Sendoso, and Snowflake joining its Growth Accelerator App marketplace.



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