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Published: March 13, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

From infusing the CRM with ChatGPT to a change at the top of a business intelligence stalwart, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Salesforce Teases “The World’s First Generative AI for CRM”

Salesforce is preparing to launch Einstein GPT, the “world’s first” generative AI for CRM.

The AI will allow businesses to generate “trusted” content from their Salesforce CRM data.

For instance, it may auto-generate emails to colleagues and customers, visuals from specific data sets, and code for developers designing online customer journeys.

The following video offers insight into what these use cases may look like once Einstein GPT completes its closed pilot program.

Yet, there are many more applications of Einstein GPT.

In Service Cloud,  Einstein GPT may auto-generate knowledge articles from past case notes and store those within the CRM.

Moreover, Einstein GPT may scour through these knowledge articles to create personalized customer responses on live chat, which agents can tweak and send.

In Sales Cloud, users may streamline tasks such as scheduling meetings, writing emails, and gathering pre-call customer context with Einstein GPT.

In Marketing Cloud, users may use Einstein GPT to dynamically personalize content across the web, apps, in communication channels.

Then, there is an Einstein GPT for Developers feature, which allows IT teams to interact with an AI assistant, asking it questions and generating code.

Domo’s Founder Retakes the Helm as CEO

The founder and former Chief Executive of Domo will once again be running the company with a fresh team around him.

News of the executive reshuffle arrived as the company revealed its better-than-expected Q4 financial results. Evidently, the changes at the top were not masked by the positive financial results, as the company’s stock took a tumble soon after.

Josh James, who replaces John Mellor, has given no explanation as to why he has chosen to return, mirroring his exit last year.

The Former CEO and Director of Domo, John Mellor, has stepped down from both of these roles.

Mellor gave his parting words, following four years with the company: “It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of the Domo team for nearly four years and to lead as CEO for the past year.

“Domo has a highly engaged, talented team that operates with incredible commitment and integrity.

The team’s dedication to our customers is among the many reasons that I am confident Domo will continue to be a market disruptor as we bring innovative solutions to customers.

Domo was founded by John James in 2010, who helped to make the company a serious figure in the BI software industry, taking it public eight years later. James mysteriously chose to step down as CEO without providing any explanation at the time the company was taking off.

Qualtrics Unveils AI Applications to Assist Frontline Employees

Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Frontline XM solutions to help frontline employees deliver quality customer experiences.

Its new solutions leverage AI technology, using what Qualtrics describes as the “world’s largest database of sentiment” to improve customer experiences from beginning to end.

The applications, which have been designed specifically to enhance customer relations, provide support across all virtual and physical touchpoints for contact center agents and those connected to customer journeys.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin, said:

The days of having to survey customers whenever we want to know about their experience are over.

“Qualtrics is innovating to empower every organization to understand what’s going on at every stage of the journey, at every frontline touchpoint, without ever having to ask.”

‘XM’ (Experience Management) is a term coined by Qualtrics and refers to their methodology for implementing effective customer experience solutions. The company believes these innovations will help to put the power of ‘experience management’ into the hands of those within organizations who need it most, namely the frontline, customer-facing employees.

Genesys Enjoys Success

Genesys has achieved its largest-ever new bookings quarter for its Genesys Cloud CX platform.

Thanks – in part – to this impressive Q4 performance, the contact center vendor earned $800MN in annual revenues through the platform, up 50 percent (YoY).

These results took Genesys’s total annual revenues past $2BN for the first time.

Commenting on the results, Tony Bates, CEO and Chairman of Genesys, said:

As an all-in-one platform, it’s unmatched in its ability to transform and modernize how organizations connect with people, integrate real-time data, optimize proactive, personalized engagement, and deliver a true loyalty differentiator.

Indeed, the platform often performs well in analyst reports, with Genesys considered one of just three market leaders in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS report.

Yet, other factors are at play here besides Genesys offering an acclaimed CCaaS platform.

For instance, the vendor decided to ditch its Multicloud CX solution in October last year. This likely contributed significantly to the impressive Q4 results of its Genesys Cloud CX platform.


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