How Can Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence Help My Business?

Einstein connects platforms, unlocks data, and inspires insights


Published: November 4, 2022

John Flood

John Flood

When Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” he probably had no inkling of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it would help us solve today’s problems. 

Indeed, AI assists us – by expanding our consciousness – to solve some of our most bedeviling problems. Consider the contact center, where managers toil away against rising complexity and increased customer expectations for a seamless, friction-free experience. 

Managers face multiple problems: 

  • Omnichannel demands 
  • The urgent need for self-service solutions 
  • A rising tide of under-utilized customer data  

That’s where AI comes in. Though still early in its evolution, AI is increasingly used to improve CX amid these complicated problems. 

AI can collect and analyze information much faster than contact center staff. It’s becoming an essential tool for real-time data and insights. 

Information is Not Knowledge. Einstein Nailed That One

Einstein also said: “Information is not knowledge.” Contact center managers would agree. They realize they have troves of underused information. That’s where Salesforce Einstein can help them.  

How does Salesforce Einstein Work?

Dubbed by Salesforce as “Your personal data scientist,” Einstein seamlessly integrates within the entire Salesforce platform.  

Through these integrations, it collects information from existing workflows without any data preparation or management models necessary. Just activate through the central CRM. 

From there, it gathers customer data throughout the Salesforce system, including email, eCommerce sites, chat, and social media streams.  

Learn more by checking out the educational video below. 

What Can You Learn with Einstein?

Brands can run many predictive analysis projects with Einstein. Indeed, it applies AI to power many analytics-driven insights.  

For instance, it may suggest the best marketing emails by examining customer trends and interests. 

Another excellent example is that it can recommend sales leads who are most likely to convert. That helps determine what clients to focus on and the best sales strategies. 

Einstein also tracks customer interaction trends, clustering topics gleaned from contact conversations and creating self-service FAQs based on everyday customer queries.   

As such, Einstein’s insights may also support chatbot design 

5 Features & Benefits of Salesforce Einstein That Scale

1. Automate Common Service Interactions

Einstein Bots help customers quickly find answers to common questions and resolve routine requests.  

In addition, they connect to business processes, initiate guided interactions, and gather more information for a seamless agent handoff. 

2. The Right Action. The Right Time. Actionable Insights

Serve the right action and trigger the right process, at the right time, with contextual recommendations from Einstein Next Best Action.  

Personalize them by integrating business rules and AI-powered models with Einstein Recommendation Builder. 

3. Make Informed Decisions

Service Analytics helps make informed decisions. Gain visibility with prebuilt dashboards. Review case volumes, worker activity, and chatbot performance. 

4. Einstein Case Classification

Automatically apply predictions and use existing rules to push cases to agents with Einstein Case Routing. 

Einstein Article Recommendations empowers agents with the most helpful knowledge articles based on the context of the case, and how the articles were used in the past.  

Meanwhile, Einstein Reply Recommendations eliminate agents’ time typing responses to classic customer queries. 

5. Get Going Fast

Create CRM-connected chatbots and AI-powered decision strategies that connect business processes, back-end systems, and digital channels with clicks. 

As such, it’s easy to set up with its native Salesforce UI and intuitive controls. No code is needed.  

Finally, because Einstein is native to the Salesforce platform, it works across Service Cloud, channels, and all CRM data. 

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