Hubspot Announces Operations Hub Launch

Bringing unification to businesses in a connected CRM platform

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Hubspot Announces Operations Hub Launch
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Published: April 21, 2021

Carly Read

Isolation was a common theme thrust upon nations, economies and businesses from the COVID-19 pandemic, with segregation becoming a part of everyday life in 2020 and even now, in 2021 as countries begin to emerge from the crisis. The pandemic highlighted the need for unification, particularly in the business world. Those cries from organisations battling to retain their customers while navigating their business strategies into the new normal have been answered by HubSpot. 

The company today announces their Operations Hub Launch. The solution offers that all important unification in a connected CRM platform, with the syncing of data, aligning of teams and collaborating of operations all under one strategy. The solution will also allow businesses to automate processes, maintain data cleanliness and run an entire company from one powerful, easy-to-use platform, meaning teams can be aligned around the shared business mantra of delivering exceptional CX. In short, the product aims to transform the role of operations professionals across the business world.  

HubSpot’s EVP of Revenue Operations Alison Elworthy said: “Operations teams are the unsung heroes of our industry. They carry the responsibility for managing the systems, processes, and data that keep a scaling company running every day.  

“As such, they are the orchestrators of the customer experience. Yet, most companies still treat operations as a reactive function whose sole purpose is to fight fires. With the launch of Operations Hub, we are not only bringing operations tools to the heart of our CRM platform, we are bringing operations teams to the forefront of the customer experience – where they belong. 

“They’re the people who set every customer-facing team up for success. As such, they are the orchestrators of the customer experience. And yet, most companies view operations as a reactive function whose sole purpose is to frantically find fixes to issues as they arise. It’s time for us as an industry to re-imagine operations and transform these teams from reactive fire-fighters into proactive friction-fighters. How can we do this? With revenue operations (RevOps).” 

She added: “After all, to deliver a unified customer experience at scale, companies need to run better. And to run better, they need a unified revenue operations team working together in a connected CRM platform.” 

Organisations have in the past hired operations professionals into separate functional departments and have tasked them with fixing issues when they arise, which leaves them stuck in overwhelming silosOperations Hub works to eradicate this by helping scaling companies to: 

  • Adopt sophisticated data sync tools with ease: Operations Hub syncs data between SaaS applications bi-directionally, ensuring that customer data is always consistent and up to date, eradicating the need for third-party integration tools 
  • Adapt processes to tend to the ever-changing needs of their customers:  Operations Hub gives users the flexibility to automate their business processes, from lead rotation and territory management to post-sale handoffs and renewals 
  • Align teams around a centralised and source of truth on customer data: Operations Hub enables users to create workflows that automatically update key data points in their database, allowing customer-facing teams to be better equipped with accurate, accessible and up to date information  
  • Scale with confidence: When HubSpot customers add Operations Hub to the HubSpot CRM platform, they receive increases to existing limits on lists, reports, and workflows, ensuring that their tech stack scales in line with their rate of growth 

Research conducted by HubSpot revealed that on average, operations teams spend almost half their time (45%) on reactive work, with 36% adding that this is one of their least favourite things about the job. Cleaning and formatting data was the second-highest bugbear at 27% and just 12% of operations employees prefer to be doing reactive work over proactive work. 

This is why HubSpot continues to champion the RevOps mindset, which involves practicing unifying operations teams under one strategy. The company’s very own RevOps team was put together in 2019 by Elworthy. 

She added: “I assembled a group of passionate people, each more dedicated than the last to improving customer experience. We met weekly, talked about our customers, forensically analysed feedback, and dug deep into the weeds to see where we could root out friction. And then one day it hit us. The answers to most of our questions didn’t lie in more cross-functional meetings, increased headcount, or longer hours for support staff. The answers to our questions lay in operations.  

“Operations teams carry the responsibility for making sure that, well, everything works. If a marketer is having trouble segmenting a contact list, they reach out to operations. If a salesperson’s automated emails are misfiring, operations gets tagged in. If a service professional can’t access a customer’s communication history, it’s operations to the rescue again.” 

Operations Hub is available in Free, Starter, and Professional versions. Companies can take advantage of the range of products in HubSpot’s CRM platform, including Operations Hub, by signing up for HubSpot’s CRM Suite.  

To learn more about Operations Hub, please visit 

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