HubSpot “Reinvents” Content Marketing, Takes Commerce Hub Global

The CRM provider’s latest Spotlight release includes updates for its Content and Commerce Hubs.

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Published: April 24, 2024

Rhys Fisher

HubSpot has promised to “reinvent content marketing” with Content Hub, a place for CX teams to create and manage content across the customer journey.

Described by HubSpot as the “all-in-one marketing solution,” the Content Hub is powered by the company’s HubSpot AI platform.

As such, it aims to deliver mature capabilities that assist marketers with two of the sector’s major challenges: reach and relevance.

In addition, Content Hub aspires to enhance the efficiency of CX teams – another major challenge, with Canto and Ascend2 research revealing that over half of marketers are struggling to keep up with content demands.

Jocelyn Perron, Senior Director of UX at HubSpot, highlighted this statistic when discussing the new releases:

Powered by HubSpot AI and HubSpot Smart CRM, Content Hub unlocks new formats, streamlines content channels, and lets you manage them all from a single place.

The video offers a closer look at HubSpot’s latest Content Hub offering, while the following text showcases more of what’s included within the platform.

What to Expect

With many of the Content Hub’s new capabilities leveraging generative AI (GenAI), capabilities that simplify and speed up the content creation process feature heavily.

However, there are also audio and management features that outline the Content Hub as not just an AI-powered, one-trick pony.

Here are the five key features of the new Content Hub:

  1. AI Content Creation to simplify the creation of high-quality multilingual content – from brainstorming ideas to writing blog posts and crafting images.
  2. Content Remix to effortlessly generate a complete content pipeline from a single asset.
  3. Brand Voice to establish and produce content with a uniform brand tone across various channels – including blogs, social media, and email.
  4. Audio Tooling to create, host, and distribute podcasts and post-narration, transforming text into audio to improve content accessibility.
  5. Members Blog and Gated Content Library to oversee content, provide premium content, and effortlessly capture leads.

Of all the new features of the HubSpot Content Hub, it was the Content Remix that particularly impressed Rebecca Wetteman, CEO & Principal Analyst at Valoir, who shared her views on the updated solution:

“With Content Hub, HubSpot is providing the tools to create and respin content for different audiences and uses,” she said.

“Although marketing leaders should still be reviewing and editing content, capabilities like Content Remix will help them scale their efforts.

32 percent of the average marketer’s workday is ripe for automation, and HubSpot’s new capabilities will help them focus on creative tasks rather than rote content revision.

But there’s more than one Hub that’s undergone a bit of a revamp. What will the partnership with Stripe mean for HubSpot’s Commerce Hub?

Going Global

Another major announcement to come out of HubSpot’s Spotlight release was the news that the organization was “taking Commerce Hub global” through its partnership with payment processing and financial solutions provider Stripe.

As part of the announcement, HubSpot has confirmed that Commerce Hub will now be available for HubSpot’s free users, with the company stating that the partnership will provide more businesses with multicurrency capabilities and the option to utilize local payment methods.

Commerce Hub users will have access to Stripe’s Financial Connections system – the company’s secure, financial data-sharing platform – to offer payments with bank accounts.

They will also be able to use Stripe Payment Element, which allows customers to showcase the most appropriate payment methods tailored to their device, type, location, language, and other criteria.

Shilpa Dhar, Senior Vice President of Product and GM of Commerce Hub at HubSpot, discussed some of the benefits that Commerce Hub users will enjoy following the partnership with Stripe:

“There is no doubt that B2B commerce is ready for a change. Today’s businesses are drowning in a sea of tools and apps, making the purchase experience harder than it needs to be.

“When it comes to B2B commerce, simplicity is everything. That’s why you can go into HubSpot and enable Commerce Hub through a seamless self-service experience.

We have also expanded Commerce Hub’s billing capabilities to effortlessly manage invoices, subscriptions, and payment schedules.

Alongside updates to its Commerce and Content Hubs, HubSpot also announced an all-new Service Hub, aiming to fix broken customer experience.

You can find out more about HubSpot’s Service Hub by reading the full story here.



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