Investis Digital Partners With Irwin’s IR CRM

The digital communications company is partnering with Irwin's investor relations software

Investis Digital partners with Irwin’s IR CRM

Published: June 8, 2021

William Smith

Digital communications company Investis Digital has announced a strategic partnership with Irwin in the investor relations industry. 

Irwin offers investor targeting and CRM capabilities, alongside shareholder monitoring capabilities leveraging data sets and research to identify high value insights. 

Don Scales, Global CEO, Investis Digital, said: “The Investis Digital-Irwin partnership is a powerful combination. Irwin’s global database, high quality data, and powerful targeting capabilities allow our clients to spend less time navigating complex search pages and more time building relationships with qualified investors. Irwin’s approach is uniquely complementary to how our Investis Digital team works to communicate a company’s investment case, bring true value to life for the investment community and encourage long term investment.” 

Combining Investis Digital’s investor websites, webcasting and virtual events with Irwins investor relations software, the companies said the partnership would help investor relations officers boost their performance. 

“The capital markets industry is constantly evolving, and the changing IR role has become mission-critical to the success of a public company. Today’s IR programs need a strong sales and analytical-based approach, supported by the best combination of insightful software and data,” said David Whyte, CEO and Co-Founder of Irwin. “Through this partnership, clients can expect a seamless integration of Investis Digital’s strategic content development and Irwin’s data-driven insights to enable public companies to further stakeholder awareness, promote higher trading volumes, and create more stable share prices.” 

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Back in March, Irwin announced the launch of two new solutions for shareholder intelligence, NOBO (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner) to identify retail investors and family offices, and an Integrated Surveillance solution to see changes within a company’s investor base and the trends driving them. Both solutions integrate with Irwin’s CRM to help build stronger relationships with investors. 

“NOBO lists include valuable shareholder insights but have been underutilized due to the time-consuming and manual effort required to order and make sense of the data. Irwin’s solution removes this significant source of frustration for issuers,” said Mark Fasken, COO and Co-Founder of Irwin. “Using machine learning technology, Irwin accurately cleanses and parses non-reporting holder data and integrates it with the rest of our client’s shareholder information to provide them with easy access to more intelligence than any other provider.” 

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