Kustomer CRM Debuts Self-Service Chatbot Features

William Smith

The company announced a range of new products at its virtual modern customer experience summit Kustomer NOW

Kustomer CRM Debuts Self-Service Chatbot Features

CRM company Kustomer has debuted a range of platform enhancements for chat, social and SMS customer service. 

Using the opportunity of its virtual modern customer experience summit Kustomer NOW, the company has released new chatbot technology and analytics, social listening tools and automation features. 

“The past 18 months have completely transformed customer service, elevating its status as a major growth driver and competitive differentiator for brands of all shapes and sizes. With today’s consumers demanding more from brands than ever before, and retailers readying themselves for the holidays, delivering a modern, standout customer experience from start to finish has never been more critical,” said Brad Birnbaum, CEO and co-founder of Kustomer. 

The new features rely on CRM customer data and automation to deliver more personalised experiences. That lines up with the findings of Metrigy’s 2020-21 Customer Engagement Transformation research study, where AI-enabled self-service was a focus of its success group, with 34.8% of successful companies prioritising the technology.  

New products include: 

  • WhatsApp and SMS chatbots 
  • Chatbot reporting, allowing users to evaluate the effects of chatbot automation 
  • Proactive messaging with buyers based on behaviour and pages viewed 
  • Dynamic form fields to make information collection simpler 

The company said the features were aimed at helping brands meet the increased volume of customer service heading into the holiday shopping period. Back in September, Kustomer issued a report on customer experience ahead of the holiday shopping period – and what companies needed to do to prepare. Among the report’s key findings were that 68% of CX organisations said they saw a greater increase in inquiries during the 2020 holiday season as opposed to 2019. 

“Proactive communication and engagement are vital to building trust and loyalty, and for earning repeat business,” Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth at Kustomer, told us. “The holiday time is stressful for both brands dealing with an influx of support volume, and for customers who are expecting multiple orders and juggling numerous delivery schedules, especially this year given supply chain issues.
“Kustomer rolled out new self-service tools to enable brands to automate categories of issues that are repetitive and create high support volume across chat, social and messaging applications, and to empower customers to self-serve and get answers without waiting on hold or speaking to an agent. We believe these tools will help brands effectively deliver extraordinary CX in an increasingly unpredictable world and meet demand at scale, without compromising on quality or efficiency.”



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