Meet Buddy. Pega’s New Generative AI Assistant

Buddy takes knowledge from various content libraries to quickly answer employee and customer queries

Meet Buddy. Pega’s New Generative AI Assistant
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Published: January 24, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Pegasystems has announced a generative AI-powered assistant: the Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy.

“Buddy” takes content – scattered across enterprise knowledge bases – and synthesizes it to answer employee and customer queries.

In this sense, it’s similar to many copilot solutions offered by several other big-name CX brands.

Yet, Pega notes that many of these offerings are consumer-grade and “too brittle” to cope with the flux of an enterprise content library.

It puts forward an alternative that delivers “specific, accurate, audited, and concise responses” – clearly citing the source material.

Moreover, users can leverage Buddy to generate new content – such as emails and documents – based on their knowledge libraries.

The following post – and funny promo – dives deeper.

Pega also offers security guarantees, highlighting features that provide control over user access rights and transparency into where Buddy leverages its information.

With these, Buddy will help to securely “unlock” the value from their knowledge bases, supporting agents and customers across “any channel” – alongside the broader enterprise team.

Excited to share the news, Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer at Pega, said: “Organizations want to use AI to improve experiences and increase efficiency, but many existing solutions aren’t meant for the intricate inner workings and complex needs of large organizations.

“Pega Knowledge Buddy will unlock new levels of productivity with enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities that seamlessly and securely integrate into these content libraries.

[As a result], employees and customers can quickly get optimal answers and guidance with more accuracy, easily resolve service issues, and provide smoother experiences for all users.

Notably, businesses can also create customized “Buddies” for various customer experience departments – and Pega has shared examples of what these will look like.

“Buddies” for Service, Sales, and Marketing

Pega promises businesses may quickly integrate Buddy into “any internal system or digital channel” to support employees and customers.

Businesses may then customize Buddy for different departments.

For instance, a customer comparing subscriptions may ask a “Service Buddy”: what are the differences between these plans? The assistant will then offer a concise summary so the customer doesn’t have to scramble through web content.

Service reps may also ask Buddy such questions and relay the answers to customers.

Meanwhile, a “Sales Buddy” may support a rep in drafting a proposal that resonates with an exec, so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Next, consider a “Marketing Buddy” that flips a set of documented best practices into step-by-step guides for creating new customer campaigns.

Lastly, Pega enables an “Operations Buddy” that offers support in various situations, such as processing a transaction dispute in a new territory. With a simple prompt, employees may unpack the regulations of that region instead of trawling through compliance documents.

Organizations can deploy these “Buddies” across the enterprise, connecting to content libraries within Pega Knowledge Management.

All they need is access to Pega Infinity, a portfolio of products that houses 20+ new Pega GenAI capabilities that improve low-code, customer engagement, service, sales, and back-office operations. Buddy will sit in there.

Eventually, Buddy may help employees leverage these capabilities across various applications.

Yet, Pega customers will have to wait a little longer for Buddy to become available, which will be part of the Infinity ’24.1 release in H1 2024.



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