Membrain CRM Adds Oneflow E-Signing Integration

William Smith

Oneflow’s contract management solution will be integrated within the Membrain CRM

Membrain CRM Adds Oneflow E-Signing Integration

Stockholm, Sweden-based CRM provider Membrain is partnering with e-signing service Oneflow to provide a holistic contract management solution. 

Membrain’s offering focuses on sales enablement in the B2B sales space, including tools such as customisable sales processes and dynamic playbooks. Last year, the company introduced a modular workflow system, with its underlying CRM included across the options it presents. 

“Traditional CRM vendors sell you a one-size-fits-none platform requiring heavy customisations and costly third-party plugins, which creates inflation of tools and costs,” said George Brontén, Founder and CEO of Membrain. “We’re turning that on its head. With Membrain, you pay for the workflows that drive best-practice behaviours, and you get the CRM database for free. 

“Early in Membrain’s history, we had a saying, it’s all about the flow and I strongly believe that,” said George Brontén. “If you want to do something well, once you start getting into the groove, it feels like you’re in the flow. I want our joint customers to feel like it’s working smoothly for them.” 

Contract Management within the CRM 

The newly announced Oneflow integration allows for the creation and management of contracts within the CRM, as well as analytics on number of deals closed and offers outstanding. 

“For us, contracts are not contracts,” said Anders Hamnes, CEO of Oneflow. “They’re a part of something bigger. They have information that you need in other parts of the company. A contract is liabilities, obligations – it’s the data that defines your PNL and your future. It defines your company.” 

Agreements can be automatically populated with Membrain information, with the contracts themselves web-based to allow for real-time negotiation and collaboration inside contracts. 

“The Oneflow integration with Membrain will create a better experience for customers. The seamless workflow reduces errors, ensures you don’t send the wrong contract to the wrong person, or with outdated information copied and pasted from another contract. We expect that Membrain customers who use the Oneflow Integration will experience shorter sales cycles, greater collaboration around the contract process, and more beneficial contracts,” said George Brontén. 

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