NICE Integrates ChatGPT Generative Modelling into CXone Expert

The popular CX and knowledge management solutions provider gains OpenAI support

NICE Integration OpenAI Generative Modelling into CXone Expert ChatGPT

Published: January 27, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Thursday, NICE officially announced the integration of its CXone Expert solution with OpenAI’s generative modeling infrastructure  – OpenAI also integrates its infrastructure into its flagship service ChatGPT.

With the CXone Expert and OpenAI integration, NICE can offer its customers human-like conversational consumer experiences (CX) to support a buyer’s journey.

The move enables NICE to leverage AI technology to enhance self-service CX and provide reliable customer support channels.

In a statement regarding the ChatGPT technology adoption, Barry Cooper, the President of the CX Division at NICE, said that the “ground-breaking” integration “is a game changer for CX.”

Cooper also added:

By combining NICE’s deep CX-Industry specific Enlighten AI models with the innovative Conversational AI capabilities of OpenAI’s generative modeling, we are evolving self-service to its inevitable next level, providing brands with powerful new capabilities to enhance customer experience, create more efficient customer interactions, and boost their brand engagement in a way that feels natural, friendly and human.

Benefits for CXone Expert Customers

NICE provides AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX services to its clients via CXone Expert, a cloud-based knowledge management solution.

Integrating ChatGPT technology means that NICE can provide its clients with more sophisticated self-service experiences without needing to engage with agents.

CXone Expert already employs the firm’s first-party NICE Enlighten AI models designed for CX use cases. The firm also leverages organization-specific data so clients can create custom conversational AI models.

Now the firm is leveraging OpenAI technology, NICE can offer its clients improved CX results, noting that the integration will lead to more efficient and accurate chatbot responses.

Moreover, the OpenAI integration means that CXone Expert chatbots will construct and send customer-facing information in a human-like and conversational manner.

CXone Expert chatbots already integrate easy-to-use content retrieval and conversational search capabilities to answer customer queries quickly.

What is ChatGPT?

Based on a user’s prompt or input, ChatGPT produces conversational text. Users can tailor their request to various use cases or use it as a chatbot to instantly respond to text inputs.

ChatGPT compiles general-purpose aggregated data that the bot writes in a specified style or format using knowledge from various channels. For example, the service lets users make content like articles, research, and stories.

Employees can use ChatGPT to complete tasks, but the company must review each request with content quality control. Enterprise end-users could also use ChatGPT to create marketing content, translations, research documents, instructional materials, and sales process automation – again with proper quality control.

Microsoft recently entered an extended partnership with OpenAI to leverage the latter’s technology into the Azure AI infrastructure.

Find out more about how this relationship may disrupt the CX market by reading our article: How Could Microsoft’s ChatGPT Venture Change Customer Experience?


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