ResponseCRM Introduces Mobile Applications

The company said the new apps would help business owners more conveniently access information

ResponseCRM Introduces Mobile Applications

Last Edited: September 7, 2021

William Smith

CRM ecommerce company ResponseCRM has announced the release of a mobile application for Android and Apple devices, accessible via their respective app stores. 

The company said the new apps would help business owners more conveniently access information regarding the status of their customers’ affiliate traffic, income, declines, merchant accounts, processing, projections and subscription cancellations. 

“While the CRM is already mobile friendly on all mobile phone browsers, sometimes it’s just easier to use an app,” said Behzad Sharifi, executive director, ResponseCRM. “Now when you need to quickly look up a customer, or run a report, you can do it even more conveniently from the palm of your hand.” 

Aside from its CRM functions, ResponseCRM provides ecommerce solutions for selling products and services such as payment services. 

“I’m excited that these apps will be available to my clients who use ResponseCRM because it provides them with another layer of convenience to get rapid insight for effective decision making,” says Joshua Fulton, a project management consultant for Veracity Encountered. “They like ResponseCRM because of its comprehensive, intuitive features for online selling, unique transaction-based pricing model, and the company’s commitment to delivering the latest innovations and integrations to meet my clients’ needs.” 

The company recently announced an integration with open-source WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, allowing businesses to integrate ResponseCRM features such as transaction-based payment processing within their sites. 

“Many online businesses choose WooCommerce for their websites because it’s an easy-to-use, customisable, open source e-Commerce platform built on WordPress,” said Behzad Sharifi. “ResponseCRM has added a WooCommerce plug-in to our many powerful integrations, which now enables businesses that use WooCommerce to take advantage of a wide range of payment gateways and our flexible, affordable payment model based on just 6 cents a transaction, instead of having to pay ongoing hefty monthly fees and commit to contracts.” 



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