Salesforce Announces Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service – Bringing CX Solutions to Government

Government employees can leverage Salesforce’s solution to enhance the constituent experience.

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Published: April 11, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Salesforce is targeting governmental customer service improvements with the launch of the Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service.

The latest solution provides government employees with CRM, trusted AI, and enhanced data capabilities – allowing them to automate some administrative tasks and improve the overall level of CX for their constituents.

Having previously provided tools for other FEDramp-compliant products – including Field Service and Security Center – Salesforce’s newest solution utilizes trusted conversational and generative AI (GenAI) to improve agent efficiency.

The solution also promises public sector organizations the ability to swiftly generate case reports, record real-time call transcriptions, and document and format case interactions—all through a single unified solution.

Another key aspect of the tool is the inclusion of Salesforce’s Data Cloud system, which allows users to consolidate data from various sources – including benefits, education, and healthcare – into a standardized data model.

In doing so, public service organizations are able to create specific profiles for their constituents and personalize their customer service offerings accordingly.

When discussing the impact that the implementation of Salesforce’s latest solution will have, Nasi Jazayeri, EVP & GM of Public Sector, commented:

“Public sector organizations want to simplify their technology stack, better engage with constituents, and reduce employees’ administrative burdens while improving employee productivity.

With Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service, organizations can implement trusted AI to become more efficient, better manage and harmonize their data, and give employees the tools they need to better serve their constituents, all while driving their mission forward.

But why are government departments looking to leverage AI and cloud solutions, and what unique features can Salesforce offer?

The Why and the How

In a report released by the BCG late last year, GenAI was outlined as having the potential to deliver $1.75 trillion in productivity opportunity annually across several functions and levels of government.

Yet, despite this vast money-saving opportunity, the report also revealed that among IT decision-makers within various industries, including the public sector, 62 percent believed that their data systems were not at an appropriate level to implement AI improvements.

Salesforce promises its users that the following features will allow them to fully unlock the potential of GenAI and maximize the savings and improvements that the tech can provide.

Caseworker Narrative Generation

The tech solution uses GenAI to help caseworkers summarize large data sets and create case reports quickly and efficiently.

This feature is especially beneficial for social workers who can use it to automatically compile case notes into tailored summaries after field interviews, saving them time on manual administrative tasks.

Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice is a system that employs conversational AI technology to transcribe calls and help contact center agents determine the most appropriate course of action for callers.

For example, in the event of a natural disaster leading to a surge in emergency housing assistance calls, the tool could help agents quickly assess the needs of callers, provide guidance on available resources, suggest the best next steps, and record important details of the conversation.

Einstein Activity Capture for the Public Sector

The feature leverages natural language processing to streamline case documentation for caseworkers. It automatically collects and summarizes important information from various sources, including emails and calendar events.

For example, essential details from an email exchange between a caseworker and a client are automatically extracted and saved in Salesforce. This reduces the need for manual data entry and ensures that case information is always up to date.

Salesforce Keeping Things Specific

As mentioned above, Salesforce also recently launched the Einstein 1 Field Service Edition package, aiming to enhance technician productivity and operational efficiency.

This edition empowers field service teams to optimize onsite visits and execute tasks more effectively while maintaining ongoing customer engagement.

By leveraging AI and real-time data, the solution equips technicians with comprehensive insights, including past appointment data, product manuals, asset history, and crucial customer information.

This integration boosts first-time-fix rates and transforms field service appointments into potential revenue opportunities.

You can find out more about the Einstein 1 Field Service Edition by reading the full article here.


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