Salesforce Integrates Playvox Customer Engagement Tools

Salesforce Contact Center to gain tools that drive service efficiencies

Salesforce Contact Center Integrates Playvox Customer Engagement Tools

Last Edited: January 18, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Workplace engagement solutions provider Playvox officially integrated its tools into the Salesforce Contact Center platform this Monday.

The move allows Salesforce to provide its AppExchange customers with Playvox tools alongside 7000 applications available via its Service Cloud network.

Salesforce’s cloud-based marketplace hosts various third-party enterprise applications to aggregate Customer 360 data, enhance customer & workforce engagement, and accelerate a company’s digital transformation journey.

The move transfers Playvox’s tools to give Salesforce’s enterprise end-users access to real-time scheduling and management tools. Moreover, the alliance integrates Playvox’s AI infrastructure into the service.

By using a Playvox application, Salesforce users can more efficiently manage customer data. Ryan Nichols, the SVP and GM of Contact Center, Salesforce, said his firm’s Service Cloud solution provides organizations with tools that drive service efficiencies “in days and weeks, not months and years.”

Nichols added:

With Salesforce Contact Center and Playvox, organizations are enabled to get the right people on the right channels at the right time to deliver new levels of service efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, the partnership includes Playvox’s quality management and coaching services alongside similar Salesforce Appexhange solutions like access to industry experts and resources.

Salesforce, Playvox to Increase Efficiency

Louis Bucciarelli, the CEO of Playbox, explained that the collaboration with Salesforce brings “new levels of efficiency and innovation” to the pair’s shared customers.

Moreover, the CEO noted how the alliance’s resulting “powerful, elegant [software] integrations” allow Salesforce Appexchange customers to gain real-time visibility and insights to enable “operationalize efficiency at scale and deliver better customer experiences.”

The collaboration enables prospective buyers to access a single customer-centric contact centre hub, which helps with improving a brand’s outreach and engagement.

Michelle Randall, the Chief Marketing Officer of Playvox, also added:

The multi-billion contact center industry is facing a pivotal moment in this age of digital transformation. True omni-channel and case-centric solutions like what Playvox and Salesforce bring to the table that put customers first are the new contact center model for a distributed and digital-first world.

The service gives end-user access to tools like scheduling, performance, learning, quality feedback and gamification to assist in customer relation operations.

Playvox’s toolkit also seamlessly delivers customer data solutions to services such as Amazon Connect, Slack, Kustomer, and Zendesk.

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