Salesforce Makes Service and Sales GPT Generally Available, Reveals Pricing

Salesforce continues global AI-drive, revealing pricing for its GPT portfolio

Salesforce Makes Service and Sales GPT Generally Available, Reveals Pricing
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Published: July 20, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, Salesforce announced pricing for its much-anticipated Service GPT, Sales GPT, and Einstein GPT Trust Layer, as the firm aims to leverage generative AI in its product portfolio going forward.

Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI, noted that the new generative AI features can empower its clients with the “productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while ensuring enterprise-grade trust and data security remain at the center.”

Moreover, the CEO explained that Salesforce takes an “open ecosystem approach” to its AI interactions, leveraging real-time, proprietary data to secure improved efficiency outcomes.

Sales GPT

Sales GPT comes in at $50 per user per month as part of the Sales Cloud Einstein package.

The solution creates AI-generated personalized customer emails. The service leverage Salesforce-stored contextual customer data to support engaging and relevant outreach.

Moreover, the solution dramatically simplifies personalized email creation with its one-click Sales Emails feature. The feature leverages AI to auto-generate CRM context-sensitive emails, significantly reducing time constraints.

Ketan Karkhanis, the EVP & General Manager of Sales Cloud, Salesforce, noted that Sales GPT allows service agents to “auto-generate personalized emails in a single click within the flow of their normal work, helping save time and close deals faster.”

Karkhanis also added:

When it comes to sales, AI is the new UI. That’s why Sales GPT’s trusted AI, real-time data, and automation capabilities are so important.

Service GPT

Salesforce is also pricing its Service GPT solution at $50 per user per month as part of Service Cloud Einstein.

Service GPT allows users to auto-generate personalized customer replies with an accompanying summary of customer interaction data.

Additionally, Service GPT includes Service Replies and Work Summaries. Salesforce designed the two features to target typical customer interactions.

Service Replies powers the auto-generated and personalized response. The AI responses remain relevant by leveraging real-time data sources, improving the efficacy of service agents when resolving customer queries.

Moreover, Work Summaries by Salesforce provide the critical customer data that fuels relevant customer outreach. The feature leverages case data and customer history to summarise service cases and customer engagements.

Bill Patterson, the EVP & GM of C360 Applications, Salesforce, added:

Customer expectations continue to rise, and service organizations are feeling the heat. Service GPT’s capabilities are helping both traditional and field service teams leverage AI to work more efficiently, giving service professionals more time to focus on higher-order tasks and establish strong customer relationships through personalized interactions.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer

As part of the Sales GPT and Service GPT packages, Einstein GPT Trust Layer integration secures Salesforce clients with heightened AI security by storing customer data within Salesforce’s database.

The platform ensures that third-party LLM providers do not acquire AI-generated customer prompts and responses.

Also, Salesforce is integrating Einstein GPT Trust Layer’s AI security benefits into its broader product portfolio. Salesforce states that the more comprehensive integration will give its enterprise client base data security and compliance safeguards.

Salesforce packed its flexible Einstein GPT Trust Layer solution with various features to ensure data security. The solution also provides Data Access Checks to keep customer data safe by only using data a user provides permissions for.

Moreover, Einstein GPT Trust Layer includes feedback data features that allow customers to tell an organization if the AI-generated responses were helpful.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer also includes an audit trail that simplifies organizing all prompts, outputs, interactions, and feedback data for workers to refer back to.

Salesforce Announces AI Cloud

The news comes as Salesforce announces AI Cloud, a tool for boosting CRM efficiency.

The platform leverage multiple Salesforce GPT platforms – as well as Einstein GPT Trust Layer – to provide its AI-powered outcomes; its integrated GPT features include: Service GPT, Sales GPT, Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, Apex GPT, Flow GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT.

However, Salesforce surprised audiences with AI Cloud’s price. The starter pack will set businesses back $360,000 annually.

The price disillusions some, although Salesforce ensures that the benefits of AI are worth the cost.

Microsoft to Drop Major Competitor

The news comes just days after Microsoft Inspire, where the firm showcased a selection of AI-powered enterprise solutions.

Notably, Microsoft announced Sales Copilot as part of its Dynamics 365 package; the service will include AI-generate services such as opportunity summaries, contextualized email drafts, meeting preparations, Teams call summaries, and email thread summaries.

Microsoft is pricing Copilot at $30 per user per month, and its Sales features will provide healthy competition to Salesforce’s GPT portfolio.

Copilot will soon debut for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium users. Moreover, the firm will integrate Copilot across its Microsoft 365 portfolio, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The service puts “thousands of skills at your command,” boosting productivity and enabling clients to deal more closely with large scale customer-bases via CRM task automation procedures.



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