Salesforce to Create Quarter of a Million UK Jobs

Tom Wright
Senior Editor

Event also saw the launch of Sales Cloud Unlimited

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Salesforce to Create Quarter of a Million UK Jobs

Salesforce has claimed it will create more than 270,000 jobs in the UK over the next four years.

Speaking at a Salesforce World Tour event in London, UK boss Zahra Bahrololoumi said the UK jobs will come as part of a pledge to create 9.3 million jobs across the Salesforce ecosystem.

“The UK is a key growth market for Salesforce, and we have built a diverse and thriving customer and partner ecosystem,” Bahrololoumi said.

“Home to some of the world’s most innovative industries and companies, it’s inspiring to see so many business leaders recognise the power of the cloud.”

Bahrololoumi said that these targets would be hit, in part, by Salesforce’s Trailheads programme, which is a free training service that gamifies the Salesforce accreditation process for individuals. The overall aim is to address the digital skills gap in the UK and beyond.

She added that many UK businesses are already addressing the lack of talent by utilising Salesforce technology, highlighting Asda, Currys and Revolut as high-profile examples.

The UKI CEO also opened up on Salesforce’s approach to hybrid work. The CRM giant has yet to mandate a return to the office for employees, with 59 percent of employees at its London headquarters coming to the office at least once a week in May.

The vendor’s workforce has also been drastically reducing the number of emails it sends by 42%, taking steps towards the email-less culture of Slack which it recently acquired. It has also reduced meetings by seven percent, replacing some with Slack Huddles and Clips.

We have a relentless focus on remaining a trusted partner for British businesses and a heart for supporting our communities there,” Bahrololoumi said.

“With technologies a vital component for both, we will remain committed to bringing our full support to bear in this important region.”

The London event was also the stage for the launch of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Unlimited, which bundles together a host of AI tools into the flagship platform.



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