SAP Announces a Slew of Sales and Marketing AI Features, Targets Agent Empowerment

The new features include predictive capabilities, a shopping assistant, expert recommendations & more.

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Published: June 4, 2024

Rhys Fisher

SAP is launching a series of new AI-powered customer experience features to support its sales and marketing department.

Revealed in the company’s Sapphire News Guide 2024, SAP is looking to empower its agents by equipping them with tools to automate and streamline time-consuming processes.

The new features will be housed within SAP Sales Cloud, and will include a pair of predictive solutions aimed at improving sales efficiency.

The enhanced forecasting capabilities will provide companies with a deeper understanding of their revenue targets by predicting the likelihood of deals closing across an organization’s entire business portfolio.

The company’s predictive product and people recommendations, on the other hand, promises to eliminate “hours of research on the needs and preferences of potential customers” by recommending the individual who is most likely to close a specific deal, as well as predicting the product that a customer is most likely to purchase.

The sales department will also benefit from AI-powered account summaries and lead boosters, which automatically generate reports on sales prospects by compiling individual prospect details, industry business context, and relevant news.

Throughout the guide, SAP is keen to emphasize how these AI features will be deployed to save time and support the company’s sales team, a point it reiterates when discussing the account summaries:

These AI-generated reports significantly decrease the need for manual information gathering, giving salespeople more time to focus on closing deals.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the other ways that SAP is leveraging AI to enhance its CX offerings.

SAP’s Revamped CX AI Toolkit

While the above solutions are specifically designed to help with deal-closing, SAP also announced several new AI features aimed at improving the overall sales and marketing customer experience, as part of its CX AI Toolkit.

AI Shopping Assistant

Set to be generally available in the second half of the year, the solution will allow shoppers to ask questions in everyday language and receive personalized answers and product recommendations on SAP Commerce Cloud-powered sites.

The company believes that this will help consumers quickly find the products they need and enhance their overall shopping experience.

Generative AI Tool Builder

The capability enables system administrators to create customized AI tools using data from SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud.

These tools can then be deployed to assist with personalizing content to meet specific customer experience needs.

AI Image Creation

The tool is designed to cut down image production time in SAP Commerce Cloud and eliminate the need for external editing software.

It aims to achieve this by allowing business users to generate new product images with natural language prompts or remove and replace image backgrounds directly within the solution.

Like the shopping assistant, this feature is also slated to be generally available in the second half of the year,

AI Expert Recommendations

Like the shopping assistant, this feature is also slated to be generally available in the second half of the year.

The tool will enable individuals within an organization to connect with internal experts who can offer answers and insights, as SAP explains within the guide:

Instead of searching through emails and organizational charts, business users will be able to simply ask their questions using natural language and receive the names of suggested experts.

SAP Has Been Keeping Busy

Like many CX tech providers, it is clear that AI is a priority for SAP in 2024, with the company having recently announced an expansion of its long-standing partnership with IBM to enhance client productivity and innovation by leveraging GenAI.

Dubbed the “New Value Generation partnership,” the fresh collaboration will focus on utilizing GenAI and industry-specific cloud solutions to unlock business value for clients.

By integrating IBM’s GenAI infrastructure with SAP’s Rise program, which modernizes legacy SAP enterprise resource planning, they aim to infuse AI into SAP’s business workflows and industry-specific applications.

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