SAP Doubles Down on AI Commitment with Microsoft

Within its AI vision, SAP leverages Co-pilot tools to improve business operations

SAP Double Down on AI Commitment with Microsoft
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Published: May 17, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Tuesday, enterprise software company SAP doubled down on its AI commitment. In a blog post, the company noted how it is leveraging modern AI solutions to enhance its business solutions.

By leveraging AI solutions, SAP can offer its clients improved cloud services and boost business agility. Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, explained that in a world of geopolitical tensions, product, skill shortages, and new regulations, customers are “turning to SAP for the solutions they need to solve their most pressing challenges.”

Moreover, Klein added:

The innovations we’re announcing at SAP Sapphire build on our heritage of responsibly developed technology and decades of industry and process expertise to ensure our customers’ success today and in the future.

SAP is embedding AI into its portfolio of existing enterprise-grade applications to assist workers in solving business-critical problems within a business workflow.

Additionally, SAP is working with long-standing partners – and stakeholders in ChatGPT operators OpenAI – Microsoft to leverage the firm’s high-quality AI solutions in its software portfolio.

Moreover, the partnership allows SAP to integrate its SuccessFactors solution into CoPilot for Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot for Viva Learning. Additionally, the partners combine SAP solutions with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to provide SAP clients with a powerful language model solution that analyzes and generates natural language.

SAP’s CoPilot integration enables the German firm to create new enterprise applications and experiences which could improve how customers attract, retain, and train workers.

AI for Bussiness

SAP is bringing benefits to its customers by drawing on the strength of its distribution methods which allow the German firm to provide a rich ecosystem of business software to its customers.

According to SAP, the firm’s clients can leverage SAP business-ready applications “with confidence” thanks to SAP’s responsible development plans and distribution methods.

The German firm is also introducing a trove of updates to its business AI offerings. SAP’s AI updates include many powerful innovations which aim to enrich customer and enterprise-facing goals.

SAP Bussiness AI updates introduce innovations such as enhanced customer engagement, more productive procurement processes, and improved abilities for supporting critical talent expansion goals.

The news comes as SAP aims to upskill two million people worldwide by 2025. Hopefully, SAP’s AI focus will increase the efficacy of worker training and provide a satisfactory ROI.



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