Snapchat and Sprinklr Team Up to Help Brands Target Younger Customers

Brands will be able to manage all organic and paid Snapchat content via Sprinklr.

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Published: June 27, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Sprinklr has announced that it will be a supporting partner of Snapchat’s Public Profiles for Businesses solution.

The CX management specialist is the first partner to assists brands in managing all organic and paid Snapchat content via its unified, AI-powered platform, Sprinklr Marketing.

Public Profiles will allow brands to publish Snapchat stories and Spotlight content, as well as boosting organic content with ads – all from within Sprinklr’s platform.

The companies believe that this feature will help save time, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and garner deeper insights.

Moreover, the tech firms also outlined how the collaboration will be crucial in allowing brands to enhance audience engagement among Gen Z and Millennials: the two most popular users of Snapchat.

In discussing the announcement, Patrick Harris – President of Americas at Snap Inc –described his company as a “natural fit” for brands looking to improve their CX offerings:

“Snapchat is a platform designed around authentic connections with your real friends and family. This type of environment is a natural fit for brands looking to build customer loyalty, and we’re committed to making it easier for brands to be part of our community.

This expanded partnership with Sprinklr will enhance our ability to help brands find success on Snapchat. We look forward to driving awareness, engagement, and meaningful business results.

Let’s take a closer look at how these additional features will benefit users.

Snapchat Public Profiles

In essence, the partnership will provide brands with a permanent Public Profile on Snapchat where they can be publicly discovered, grow a subscriber base, attract new customers, and sell products.

While the collaboration between the two companies has enabled brands to manage Snapchat Ads within the Sprinklr platform since 2016, the companies have claimed that the Public Profiles feature will deliver the following additional benefits:

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Companies will have the capacity to manage publishing and reporting for multiple Public Profiles on a single platform.

Many enterprises have numerous Public Profiles for different brands, with metrics scattered across various locations; Sprinklr claims to simplify this by enabling easy content publishing and providing comprehensive visibility into performance across all brands.

Mitigate Risk

Sprinklr believes that its AI-powered content approval paths and message compliance scoring will help ensure content aligns with brand guidelines.

Achieve Omnichannel Insight

Sprinklr’s platform allows users to integrate all social media channels and customer touchpoints, enabling them to achieve a comprehensive view of customer activities and facilitate consistent, personalized interactions.

Sprinklr Founder and Co-CEO, Ragy Thomas, gave his thoughts on how the partnership with Snapchat will benefit brands:

With hundreds of millions of daily active users, Snapchat is an important platform to reach consumers with significant buying power.

“The most crucial step brands can take to optimize their Snapchat content is managing it in one, unified platform. Brands can use Sprinklr’s single, unified AI-powered platform to easily plan, execute, and measure both organic and paid strategies that create engaging customer experiences on Snapchat.”

More News from Sprinklr

Announced in May of this year, Sprinklr has introduced Sprinklr Digital Twin, a new conversational AI platform.

The solution allows businesses to create AI “twins” for various organizational layers such as service, sales, marketing, and other departments.

These twins help automate customer interactions and can also serve as copilots for employees. Departments can also customize their own assistance methods using a developer canvas.

Instead of building traditional dialog trees, developers define specific actions and provide the twin with data, knowledge, and system access via APIs. The twin then performs the actions independently.

While other leading conversational AI platforms offer similar solutions, Sprinklr’s stands out for two key reasons:

  • The AI twins can collaborate, allowing seamless routing of customer interactions between different department twins, such as from marketing to service.
  • Sprinklr’s twins are versatile and can operate across multiple applications and channels, not confined to a single platform.

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