SugarCRM Releases Generative AI Capabilities for Midmarket CRM

The new AI capabilities are designed to benefit sales, marketing, and service teams

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Published: October 5, 2023

James Stephen

SugarCRM has launched generative AI capabilities to enhance CRM platforms for midmarket customers.

These new capabilities aim to increase productivity for sales, marketing, and service teams.

Indeed, by adding generative AI into its platform, SugarCRM claims it will make “the hard things easier” for employees.

That involves automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks and freeing up workers to focus on more complex jobs.

Indeed, the provider unveiled the following innovations during its 2023 Industry Analyst Summit.

  • Generative AI for Sales – This raises sales productivity by creating personalized emails and sales copy, data-driven call scripts, and sales proposals that include real-time customer intelligence.
  • Generative AI for Marketing – This generates relevant and personalized marketing campaigns, landing pages and emails, automatic translation, and improved segmentation.
  • Generative AI for Customer Service – This generates service ticket summarisations, personalized user guides, and product documentation.

Commenting on the innovations, Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM, said: “Most businesses are looking to AI to transform experiences and drive greater productivity.

“Today’s generative AI announcement is the latest evidence of our commitment to make AI accessible to all and to maximize usability for a next-level CRM user experience.

The generative AI revolution is here, and midmarket sales, marketers and customer service pros can’t afford to be left out of the equation.

“With Sugar, organizations can unleash the potential of generative AI to automate, accelerate, and optimize marketing, sales, and customer service.”

SugarCRM’s generative AI allows businesses to benefit from these various capabilities while enabling a responsible usage toolkit for administrators, which they can use to audit, control, and filter the data sent to large language models.

Moreover, the toolkit ensures best-practice business data and intellectual property protection.

The new generative AI capabilities are currently available to customers taking part in a closed pilot program.

That program applies to the thousands of companies in more than 120 countries that are using SugarCRM’s platform.

In joining the program, these businesses may kickstart their generative AI journeys, as the technology promises to turn the customer experience space upside down.

Indeed, a recent report by McKinsey Digital found that roughly 52 percent of generative AI value applies to customer operations, marketing, and sales.

It also suggested that generative AI could revolutionize the way businesses use their CRM by automating work that can occupy 60 to 70 percent of an employee’s time.

For more on the potential of generative AI in customer service specifically, check out our article: 20 Use Cases for Generative AI In Customer Service



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