The Salesforce Code Builder Is Now Generally Available

Code Builder provides CRM customization tools for developers

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Published: November 6, 2023

James Stephen

Salesforce’s Code Builder is now available to all customers, enabling developers to customize their Salesforce CRM experience with several helpful tools.

The tools inside the Code Builder’s web-based integrated development environment (IDE), include developer extensions – such as Einstein for Developers – which converts natural language to code using generative AI.

According to Salesforce, its Code Builder tools can help developers, admins, and architects to enhance creativity and productivity.

Dan Fernandez, VP of Product Management, Salesforce Developer Services, commented on the practical benefits of Code Builder:

Code Builder is enhancing developer productivity while democratizing access to a consistent tooling experience so any Trailblazer can build on the platform.

“Admins can get started easily with an out-of-box experience, complete with Salesforce tooling, and experienced developers can build faster with a full-featured IDE customized with their favorite extensions from the Open VSX marketplace — all from their browser.”

That speed is crucial, with Salesforce research finding that almost two-thirds of IT departments struggle to meet business demands.

Moreover, three-quarters of IT leaders believe it’s more difficult than ever to find talent.

A McKinsey report, however, uncovered that organizations using top-tier tools are escaping these trends, with 65 percent stating that they have become more innovative because of the tools and 47 percent noticing an increase in developer satisfaction and retention rates.

Code Builder Benefits

The Salesforce Code Builder includes the latest Salesforce languages and frameworks, giving development teams remote or on-site access to an IDE across any machine.

It does not require any software installations, giving developers more time to spend developing rather than performing software maintenance.

Key benefits of the Code Builder for developers, admins, and architects, include the ability to customize Salesforce from their browser, accelerating development with generative AI, and building with flexibility.

As well as Salesforce extensions, developers can deploy CLI, languages, and frameworks like Lightning Web Components, Apex, SOQL queries, and more.

Einstein for Developers allows developers to generate, test, debug, and refactor code.

Moreover, it is built for Salesforce languages and frameworks, and it can be added as a separate extension.

Businesses can also customize Code Builder with third-party extensions from the Open VSX marketplace to provide a full range of features to support DevOps workflows.

David Gilham, Salesforce Technical Manager at early-adopter Allianz, provided his assessment of the software: “Before Code Builder, deploying an environment locally could take us months.

With Code Builder on the web, we can start developing in less than a day without any complex configurations, installation errors, or maintenance. Just speed! An absolute time saver for us.

Salesforce also recently made MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder generally available for desktop, allowing developers to build API integrations between third-party systems and Salesforce.

It is able to auto-generate code using natural language prompts and provide access to a variety of deployment environment options.




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