The Anypoint Code Builder for Salesforce Is Now Available

The solution uses generative AI to reduce costs and accelerate software development cycles

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Published: October 17, 2023

James Stephen

Salesforce has announced that the Anypoint Code Builder is now generally available.

The solution – which is part of MuleSoft – offers a visual studio where developers can build APIs and integrations with “modern tooling”.

Meanwhile, it auto-generates code with natural language prompts and offers access to a variety of deployment environment options.

As a result, the innovation may reduce costs for developers and accelerate software development cycles.

Param Kahlon, EVP, Automation and Integration, Salesforce, reflected on the benefits of the Anypoint Code benefits:

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Code Builder modernizes our core integration tooling with the power of AI and a new Visual Studio Code-based foundation.

“This empowers developers to build integrations and APIs faster in their preferred environment, ultimately creating new ways to reach customers, generate revenue, and build more impactful software by integrating with other relevant technologies with greater ease.”

While businesses are scrambling to create software that powers their business applications, a Salesforce report this year found that 80 percent of IT leaders believe integration challenges impede their digital transformation.

Another Salesforce survey published in July 2023 revealed that 86 percent of IT leaders believe generative AI will soon become an important feature of their organization.

Anypoint Code Builder satisfies both of these demands by streamlining integrations and simplifying coding with the help of generative AI technology.

MuleSoft is already a critical component in Salesforce’s new Einstein 1 Platform, which houses the vendor’s CRM apps, Data Cloud, Einstein apps, and more.

Within the Einstein 1 Platform, MuleSoft allows businesses to connect to legacy vendors and push more insights into Data Cloud.

Anypoint Code Builder Features

IT teams will be able to use AI to accelerate deployment with Einstein Anypoint Code Builder, which is currently in pilot. This allows developers to use generative AI with natural language prompts to generate code and integration flows, a visual representation of the code, and business logic required to connect systems and applications.

Developers can use next-generation tooling, a comprehensive ecosystem of extensions to facilitate interoperability across technology stacks and ecosystems.

Anypoint Code Builder provides flexible deployment environments, including a desktop-integrated development environment (IDE) – which brands may install locally within the Visual Studio Code – and a cloud IDE that is accessible via a web browser.

The IDE also speeds up industry-specific integrations through packaged solutions that streamline critical business initiatives and implementations, as well as helping companies meet industry best practices.

In healthcare, for example, organizations can integrate patient data more easily across various electronic health record systems to improve the coordination of patient care.

Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop is currently available to all customers, Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder is in a pilot, and Anypoint Code Builder (Cloud) is in beta, with general availability scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

Last year, Salesforce launched MuleSoft RPA to automate complex business tasks across modern and legacy systems.

MuleSoft RPA, along with MuleSoft Composer, is able to fully integrate with Salesforce Flow, which helps to automate processes across the Einstien 1 ecosystem.



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