What Is Microsoft Copilot for Sales (MS Sales Copilot)?

Exploring Microsoft Copilot for Sales

What Is Microsoft Copilot for Sales (MS Sales Copilot)?

Published: November 23, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Introduced at Microsoft Ignite 2023, Microsoft Copilot for Sales is the updated and upgraded version of Microsoft’s previous “Sales Copilot” solution.

Sales Copilot was initially introduced by Microsoft earlier this year. It appeared alongside Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365, the world’s first AI solution built for ERP and CRM integration.

Since then, Microsoft says more than 130,000 organizations have adopted Copilot capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

According to a survey, 70 percent of these users were more productive, 73 percent completed tasks faster, and 68 percent saw an improvement in the quality of their work.

To build on this momentum, Microsoft introduced a new range of Microsoft Copilot experiences this year at “Ignite.”

Announcements included updates to Copilot for Dynamics 365 and recent sales and service solutions.

Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Copilot for Sales.

What Is Microsoft Copilot for Sales?

Microsoft described Copilot for Sales as the “evolution” of Sales Copilot. It builds on the existing capabilities of Sales Copilot, designed for sales-focused contact center agents.

According to Microsoft, its recent surveys found that 83 percent of sellers claim Copilot for Sales helps them to improve productivity. Plus, it helps them save an average of 90 minutes per week.

Like Sales Copilot, Microsoft Copilot for Sales is available to access through a range of environments, including your Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Dynamics. It’s also available to access in conjunction with other tools, like Salesforce.

According to Microsoft, Copilot for Sales will bring the power of a generative AI assistant into everyday seller workflows. It draws insights from the customer data within the CRM system you already use, as well as information in documents, chats, and emails throughout Microsoft 365.

The tech giants believe the innovative new experience offered by Copilot for Sales will give users a more streamlined, productive way of working.

For instance, in Microsoft Word, sellers can prompt Copilot to create meeting presentations, automatically populated with customer information.

In Teams, Copilot can create meeting recaps that automatically surface key performance indicators, key action items, tasks, and sales keywords. The idea is to save sellers time, help them generate innovative ideas, and build stronger customer relationships.

Microsoft Sales Copilot: Pricing and Availability

Microsoft announced in a blog post that Copilot for Sales would be available in the first quarter of 2024, with a cost of $50 per user per month. This is similar to the pricing currently available for Microsoft “Sales Copilot”.

Sales Copilot is included in some customers’ existing Dynamics 365 Sales Premium and Enterprise licenses for no extra cost. It’s also available as an add-on for other Dynamics 365 Sales plans at a cost of $40 per user per month.

Notably, a product license for Microsoft 365 for Enterprise or an Office 365 subscription is also required to use the Sales Copilot app in certain environments.

This includes Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Microsoft Teams. Find more about the subscription options here.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Premium customers will retain their rights to Sales Copilot when the system evolves but will need to upgrade to access more features.

What Can Microsoft Copilot for Sales Do?

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is an evolution of the existing Sales Copilot experience, accessible through Dynamics, and CRM systems like Salesforce, Teams, and Outlook. It can create opportunity summaries, generate customer profiles, write emails, and more.

Like Sales Copilot, Microsoft Copilot for Sales is intended to help boost seller productivity. It can automate and simplify tasks and help personalize customer interactions.

However, the updated solution gives sellers more opportunities to leverage AI innovations while preserving the flow of work, thanks to deeper integrations into the Microsoft ecosystem.

With Microsoft Copilot for Sales, sellers can:

Rapidly Generate Call and Meeting Summaries

Just like Sales Copilot, Microsoft Copilot for Sales will be able to create AI-generated email and meeting summaries in Teams, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Outlook. It can generate professional meeting summaries to share with clients at the click of a button.

Plus, it can quickly summarize lengthy email threads and conversations, providing useful insights into the action items and key points of a discussion. The service also eliminates unnecessary note-taking, with automatic meeting transcriptions highlighting action items.

Access Real-Time Call Insights

Microsoft Copilot for Sales can offer users suggested tips and guidance during discussions to boost employee performance and conversation outcomes. Sellers will receive coaching tips within the Teams Copilot panel when engaging in Microsoft Teams calls.

These tips will offer insights into responding to competitor brand mentions, customer inquiries, and more. Plus, they’ll help surface information from the connected apps in your ecosystem.

Prepare for Meetings

With Microsoft’s new integrated Copilot experience in Microsoft Word and similar tools, preparing for meetings will be easier than ever. You’ll be able to prompt Copilot to prepare comprehensive preparation briefs in Word, populated with all the information from your CRM and other apps.

These summaries can include opportunity and account info, names and titles of meeting participants, information about pending tasks, and highlights from conversations. The new solution will also be able to detect meetings coming up in the next 324 hours to ensure you know what to prepare for.

Analyze Conversations

Building on Sales Copilot’s call analytics features, Microsoft Copilot for Sales will integrate with innovative Dynamics tools for behind-the-scenes insights. Users can utilize Dynamics 365 customer insights to access metrics on talking speed and overviews of sentiment analysis.

Plus, the solution will offer data platform and customer journey orchestration capabilities within a single environment. Copilot in Dynamics 365 will allow users to create profile summaries based on the collected data. You can instantly qualify leads using metrics like engagement scores to boost win rates.

Automate and Simplify Tasks

Like many generative AI Copilot tools in Microsoft’s collection, Microsoft Copilot for Sales will empower agents to save time on repetitive tasks. In seconds, you can streamline data integration and updates between your Microsoft 365 apps and CRM tools.

Plus, like Sales Copilot, the new solution will help users spend less time composing emails and responses. The solution can suggest relevant responses to queries, pulling data from Outlook and CRM data to improve customer interactions.

Users can use natural language to orchestrate customer journeys across marketing sales and journeys. You can even use your Dynamics solutions to style your content to match your brand easily.

With meeting recaps in Microsoft Teams, users can also save time tracking important information after each crucial meeting.

Boost Collaboration

Microsoft Copilot for Sales helps sales teams work more intuitively together. Users can create collaboration spaces in Teams from the Outlook app for Copilot and share data with customers and colleagues.

These collaboration spaces link to your existing CRM system and are accessible from your Copilot app, Dynamics 365, and Teams. Thanks to Microsoft’s newly announced partnership with Optimizely, organizations can build customer journeys collaboratively with Copilot assistance.

Customize Copilot Experiences

Microsoft’s new contact center-focused Copilot solutions for sales and service teams also have access to robust customization tools. This stems from Microsoft’s introduction of the “Copilot Studio” solution.

Copilot Studio allows sellers and other team members to customize their AI-assisted sales processes through various apps. They can design tailored experiences informed by business data, logic, and workflow actions for multiple scenarios.

Copilot Studio allows users to build their own copilots and generative AI apps using low-code visual builders.

The Safety of Microsoft Copilot for Sales

As demand for copilot solutions and generative AI in the contact center continues to grow, there’s a growing focus on security and compliance. Ensuring you can maintain complete access and control over your data and the data of your customers is crucial.

As part of the slew of Microsoft Copilot announcements made at Ignite this year, Microsoft attempted to put the minds of business leaders at ease. They said that Copilot for Sales and their other solutions will inherit your organization’s security, compliance, and privacy policies.

You can still use two-factor authentication and implement your access controls. Microsoft Copilot AI also adheres to Microsoft’s commitment to developing and sharing responsible AI. Copilots aren’t trained on your business or tenant data and share the same safeguards and compliance boundaries as the broader Azure ecosystem.

The Copilot Studio also gives companies comprehensive visibility and control over the customized and standalone bots they create for their ecosystem.

Transforming Customer Experiences with Generative AI

The updated Microsoft Copilot for Sales solution is critical in Microsoft’s ongoing strategy to democratize generative AI. It comes aligned with the upgraded Microsoft Dynamics Copilot service. Plus, it’s aligned with the new Microsoft Copilot for Service.

With these intuitive tools, agents and sellers can unlock new productivity levels.

Most importantly, they’ll access all the benefits generative AI offers without moving from the tools they already use, such as Teams and Microsoft Word.



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