The Top CRM Vendors to Consider in 2024

Leading CRM Vendors for Relationship Management

The Top CRM Vendors to Consider in 2024 - CX Today Market Map

Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

The top CRM vendors give today’s business leaders an intuitive way to track, manage, and improve relationships with their customers. Offering an all-in-one environment for insights into essential customer data, CRM software vendors help organizations to reduce churn, increase customer loyalty, and optimize sales results.  

As customer expectations evolve, CRM solutions have become an essential part of the CX stack for businesses of all sizes. Over 91% of companies with more than 11 employees now rely on CRM software. Plus, analysts believe the market for CRM solutions will grow to a value of $157.53 billion by 2030, highlighting a growing need for these intelligent tools.  

As CRM technology evolves, implementing ever-more advanced AI, automation, and productivity features, now could be the perfect time to invest in upgrading your ecosystem. We assessed the growing CRM market, to bring you this ultimate map of the top CRM vendors in 2024. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our CRM Marketplace.

  • Salesforce 
  • HubSpot 
  • Pipedrive 
  • Kustomer 
  • Zoho 
  • Freshworks 
  • SugarCRM 
  • Microsoft 
  • Oracle NetSuite 
  • Insightly 
  • Zendesk 
  • Oracle 
  • SAP 
  • Sage 
  • SuperOffice 
  • Nutshell 
  • Pega Systems 
  • servicenow 
  • eGain 
  • Appian 


One of the world’s most famous CRM vendors, Salesforce produces comprehensive customer relationship management tools, tuned to the needs of businesses from every industry. The brand’s award-winning Salesforce Customer 360 offering is a collaborative tool (with integrated Slack messaging), packed with features for sales, service, marketing, and commerce teams. 

Built on Salesforce’s cloud-based ecosystem, this scalable technology can adapt to companies of any size, and integrate with thousands of partner apps and services. It’s also brimming with unique tools for customer profile development, journey mapping, business intelligence and more. Salesforce even offers AI solutions like Einstein, to assist companies in making intelligent decisions that enhance and optimize relationships and conversions.  

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Unlike many CRM vendors, HubSpot offers both free and premium solutions for customer relationship management. The free features of HubSpot CRM enable companies to track customer data, leverage automated marketing, sales, and service campaigns, and access in-depth reports. Plus, there are built-in collaboration tools to unify and align CX teams.  

More advanced versions of HubSpot’s CRM technology come with intuitive solutions for ad scheduling, integrated customer communication, lead management, and sales funnel analysis. HubSpot also gives users access to numerous generative AI tools, that assist with the development of creative marketing campaigns, and the delivery of rapid self-service.  

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Software vendor Pipedrive produces technology for sales, marketing, and service teams. The organization’s comprehensive sales software toolkit comes with a full CRM solution, combining lead management and qualification, with pipeline management, workflow and marketing automation, reporting, and forecasting. With Pipedrive, users can access AI sales assistants, boost productivity with a unified inbox, and even automate prospecting tasks. 

Pipedrive’s software is highly flexible, ready to integrate with the business and data management tools, as well as contact center solutions already used worldwide. Since the solution is based in the cloud, it promises quick and easy implementation, comprehensive scalability, and access to both historical, and real-time data updates.  

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Like many of the other top CRM vendors on this list, Kustomer is a CRM platform provider investing in the benefits of artificial intelligence. The company’s ecosystem gives organizations a unified environment where they can store, manage, and track leads, while accessing useful insights from AI systems into opportunities for conversions and growth.  

The cloud-based solution can integrate with a huge range of business tools, from ecommerce platforms like Shopify, to communication tools like WhatsApp and Slack. Kustomer’s CRM also includes the next-gen AI service bot, KIQ Customer Assist, which helps companies deliver personalized and proactive experiences to customers on multiple channels. 

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Focused primarily on the sales landscape, Zoho CRM is a platform built to unify, empower and augment modern teams. The solution enables businesses to deliver omnichannel experiences, with built-in tools for segmentation, predictive intelligence, and KPI analysis. There are AI-powered bots (Zia) to support both agents and customers, as well as rich workflow automation capabilities.  

Zoho CRM is also highly customizable, with one-click integrations for leading tools like Shopify, Zoom, and MailChimp. Plus, Zoho offers specialist solutions for specific business needs, such as a Google Workspace CRM, help desk, and social CRM solution. Companies can also use Zoho to create unique dashboards and reports.  

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Freshworks, like some of the other top CRM vendors on this list, focuses on supporting and augmenting sales teams, with a CRM solution combined with deal management software. The platform is packed with enterprise-level features, such as 360-degree customer profiles, workflow automation, and a cloud-based unified inbox for sales teams.  

Companies can leverage AI-based lead scoring and prospecting tools, AI chatbots for self-service, and customizable dashboards. Plus, the Freddy AI assistant can analyze CRM data throughout your ecosystem to provide deal insights and next best action recommendations in seconds. Freshworks also includes integrated messaging and voice communication features.  

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Built to align sales, marketing, and service teams, SugarCRM is an intuitive platform used by companies worldwide. The company offers CRM solutions focused on everything from marketing automation, to next-generation sales pipeline management. There’s also a full CRM toolkit specifically designed for customer service teams, and an on-premises option for enterprises.  

SugarCRM has generative AI solutions built-in, to assist users with creating personalized responses to customer queries, or delivering unique sales pitches. There’s also a robust app market available to help companies link their CRM software to the tools they use for customer communications, data management, and collaboration.  

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Microsoft (Dynamics) 

Known for its huge selection of technology solutions, Microsoft is a global vendor with a robust customer relationship management platform in the form of Dynamics 365. The solution integrates with other tools in the tech company’s portfolio, such as Microsoft BI and Teams. Plus, it has its own dedicated generative AI Copilot solutions.  

Dynamics 365 supports real-time and historical AI insights and reporting features, insightful tools for personalizing customer experiences, and marketing automation capabilities. Companies can also leverage Dynamics 365 alongside the Power Platform, to create comprehensive automated workflows, and link distributed technologies throughout their ecosystems. 

→ Explore Microsoft 

Oracle NetSuite  

Powered by Oracle cloud technology, NetSuite is a comprehensive CRM solution. This software toolkit combines collaboration, accounting, ERP, and business management tools into a single environment, along with traditional CRM capabilities. There are resources for salesforce automation, customer service management, and lifecycle monitoring.  

Oracle also ensures sales, marketing and service teams can leverage NetSuite for real-time insights into opportunities and crucial customer touchpoints. There are also partner management tools available, to help companies monitor their relationships with other crucial vendors. Moreover, Oracle delivers powerful customizable reporting tools, real-time analytics, and dashboards.  

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Scalable and modern, Insightly’s CRM software supports sales, marketing, and service teams, with powerful insights into customer journey touchpoints and opportunities. The comprehensive toolkit within the platform includes solutions for driving, assigning, and routing leads to agents, as well as building full sales pipelines.  

There are marketing automation workflow builders, with A/B and multivariate testing, as well as the Insightly Service portal for customer support. Insightly can even leverage a full SLA management center, to help ensure they deliver on their service promises. Moreover, the flexible platform integrates with a range of finance, HR, sales, marketing, and ecommerce tools. 

→ Explore Insightly 


Ranked among the top CRM vendors for modern businesses, Zendesk is a software solution provider, offering a range of tools for business collaboration, customer insights, and more. The Zendesk CRM solution supports sales teams with pipeline management, lead qualification and tracking capabilities. There’s also a comprehensive service solution, with a unified inbox for omnichannel communication. 

Zendesk also infuses its CRM technology with leading AI technologies for customer sentiment and intent insights, as well as task automation and agent augmentation. There are routing tools for ensuring queries reach the right agent every time. Plus, users can access built-in collaboration and file-sharing capabilities. Zendesk also has its own marketplace for apps and integrations. 

→ Explore Zendesk 


Alongside powering the NetSuite CRM offering, Oracle also offers dedicated CRM solutions to sales, service, and marketing teams, through its “Customer Experience” portfolio of tools. These packages of cloud-based solutions empower teams with sales funnel management and lead acquisition technologies, marketing automation capabilities, and customer service capabilities.  

Oracle’s highly flexible offering can be adapted to suit the needs of any business, regardless of their industry, with extensive access controls and encryption features for data security. Plus, Oracle can align their CRM technology with Oracle’s other tools for AI-powered self-service, low-code development and automation, and enterprise resource management.  

→ Explore Oracle 


Producing a variety of customer experience and CRM technologies, SAP is a cloud vendor with industry-tailored solutions to suit various business needs. There are specialist CRM solutions for ecommerce, marketing, customer service, and sales teams, all featuring end-to-end automation capabilities, and valuable reporting and analytical tools. 

Like many top CRM vendors, SAP leverages artificial intelligence in their CRM platform, to deliver useful insights to sales, marketing, and service teams. Plus, the company’s products can integrate with a range of tools for team collaboration, business intelligence, and contact center management. There are also add-on solutions available for Enterprise Resource Planning. 

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The Sage CRM software supports companies with optimizing and automating various stages of the customer journey, aligning sales, service, and marketing teams. With built-in collaboration features, and actionable reports into team performance, companies can pinpoint ways to unlock new business results. There are AI-powered tools for drawing deeper insights from data, about sentiment and intent. 

Plus, Sage CRM’s customizable platform provides access to bespoke reporting and dashboard features, automated workflows, and a range of integrations. You can align your Sage CRM technology with other products form the vendor, like HR and accounting tools, or connect your ecosystem to a range of third-party apps and resources. 

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Leveraging powerful AI and automation capabilities, SuperOffice is a software company that helps to align distributed teams in the business environment. There are solutions within the CRM platform custom-made to address the challenges faced by sales, marketing, service, and IT teams. Plus, companies can integrate their SuperOffice ecosystem with the platforms they already use.  

The SuperOffice CRM platform includes all of the core features companies need for relationship management, from end-to-end pipeline insights, to self-service solutions for customers and agents. There are also built-in tools for performance and compliance monitoring, as well as strong access controls and encryption options for security.  

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Promising a simple all-in-one CRM system for B2B companies, Nutshell offers organizations a cloud-based ecosystem packed with useful features. There are tools for contact management and customer profile building, pipeline creation, lead scoring, and sales and marketing automation. Users can take advantage of AI-powered analytics tools, as well as intelligent support bots. 

Plus, Nutshell comes with a full reporting suite, as well as AI timeline summarization features, click tracking and notifications for digital businesses, and collaboration tools. The platform can also integrate with numerous business resources through one-click integrations and API support.  

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Pega Systems 

Communication technology and software vendor, Pega Systems, competes against other top CRM vendors with an all-in-one solution for customer relationship management. The CRM solution combines tools for customer service management, with AI self-service and communication tools, with sales automation capabilities, and marketing tools.  

Companies also gain access to the comprehensive “Customer Decision Hub”, where they can analyse previous conversations and customer journeys, and leverage real-time insights. The unified platform also uses APIs and integrations to bridge the gap between multiple resources in the CX technology stack, without compromising on security.  

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ServiceNow creates tools for the business landscape that focus on increasing efficiency, productivity, and business insights. The company’s comprehensive platform for customer relationship management features intuitive performance analysis tools, generative AI capabilities, and application development tools. There are also built-in platform security and resilience features.  

With the ServiceNow platform, companies can build collaborative workplaces, where users gain instant access into insights with dashboards and custom reports. The solution also integrates with a range of customer service, business productivity, and collaboration tools. Plus, users can also access training and support resources.  

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Technology vendor eGain creates and distributes various intelligent forms of software, from the eGain knowledge hub for contact centers, to virtual assistant and co-browsing tools. The company’s CRM solution is a little different to those offered by other CRM vendors on this list, as it focuses on aligning all forms of business data, beyond just customer insights.  

Companies can drive insights from customer interactions across every communication channel, and build their own self-service knowledge hubs. eGain is also investing in the world of generative AI, giving companies access to intelligent assistants for automating knowledge tasks, journey mapping, and customer self-service.  

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More than just a standard CRM vendor, Appian is a workflow automation and business intelligence software vendor. The company offers organizations tools that enable them to monitor, optimize, and track various customer experience tasks, from pinpointing leads, to delivering customer support. There are even tools for orchestrating governance, risk, and compliance processes.  

Appian offers developers and business leaders tools that allow them to design fully bespoke experiences, with end-to-end automation and data insights. For companies looking to take an innovative approach to customer relationship management, Appian offers a unique alternative to most market leaders.  

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