Zoho Updates Bigin Pipeline CRM for SMBs

The announcement comes alongside news of Bigin’s one-year anniversary

Zoho Updates Bigin Pipeline CRM for SMBs
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Last Edited: June 3, 2021

William Smith

Enterprise software giant Zoho has announced a number of new product updates for its small business-focused CRM Bigin. 

The platform is intended to cater to those that don’t require a more complicated and end-to-end CRM, instead focusing on pipeline management for the small business community, allowing them to focus on customer relationships with smaller budgets. 

On the occasion of the product’s first anniversary, Zoho said it had surpassed the figure of 7,500 customers, having achieved an average 40% increase in total revenue every quarter and an average 32% increase in monthly new customer acquisitions since May 2020. 

“Before COVID-19, most of my client meetings were held in-person, but during the lockdown, I had to shut down my business entirely for two weeks. Somehow, I needed to find a way to manage clients online or I was going to go broke. It was during this transformation of digitising and going fully online that I discovered I had access to many apps with Zoho – one of those being Bigin,” said Susan Carpenter, Founder of Life’s Doors Meditation, a Bigin customer. “I tried Bigin and was excited to find that I was able to organise my clients and data and it was everything I needed, all in one place.” 

The latest update includes capabilities to help companies overcome the existential threat of COVID-19 by fostering improved customer relationships, as well as new customisation features, public APIs, new integrations, and enhanced capabilities on mobile devices. 

“Small businesses need to organise and automate the sales process to stay on top of leads and nurture prospects through the sales pipeline: SMB Group’s latest research says that businesses with fewer than 100 employees prioritise sales as the most important business function to automate. But the study also shows that ‘lack of’ issues–lack of time, money, and expertise–prevent many from deploying and getting value from CRM solutions. Zoho Bigin delivers CRM tools that small businesses need, without burdening them with complexity—at a price almost any small business can afford,” said Laurie McCabe, Co-Founder and Partner at SMB Group Inc. 

Zoho also said there would be new small business-tailored updates further down the line, including workflow automation, support for multiple global currencies, and simple process automation. 

“Small and micro businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and we are pleased to have helped over 7500 of them grow their business during these tough times. With the most affordable pricing in the industry, a promised setup time under 30 minutes, and an extremely low learning curve, our aim was to make it as easy as possible for companies to get started with a CRM. We are taking a major step ahead in our vision to offer the best possible CRM experience for our small business customers,” said Mani Vembu, Chief Operating Officer of Zoho. “Mobility is a crucial aspect which is often an afterthought for most SaaS vendors. I am happy to say that we have adopted a mobile-first approach with Bigin. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of our unique, industry-first unified pipeline view.” 


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