Accenture Acquires Ergo

Charlie Mitchell

The deal allows Accenture to expand its operations across Latin America

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Accenture Acquires Ergo

Accenture has acquired Ergos, a CX consultancy based in Latin America that specializes in data-driven transformation.

Using big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the cloud to inform CX transformation initiatives, Ergos also works collaboratively with clients to develop new workflows, build a forward-thinking culture, and implement new technologies.

Such an approach aligns well with that of Accenture, a company that proactively engages with customers, discussing business problems and big picture strategies. It then provides advisory and delivery services to help organizations achieve their goals.

For example, Accenture offers data and analytics services for which it was named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant. Such a specialism perhaps highlights a shared philosophy with Ergos.

Commenting on the deal, Karthik Narain, a Global Lead for Accenture Cloud First, stated:

By acquiring Ergo, Accenture will bring more resources to help clients gain insights about where to focus their transformation for the most value and how data can support better decision-making through the transformation process.

These capabilities will spread across Latin America, with Ergos supporting business transformation strategies in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

Such projects are becoming increasingly AI-driven as the company combines its technology expertise and customer-centric approach to integrate data sources across the enterprise.

Businesses may then create a trusted, single source of insight and launch many data-dependent CX initiatives much more seamlessly. Hyper-personalization strategies, virtual assistant projects, and prediction-based customer analytics are all excellent examples.

Painting a picture of the future for the Ergos team, Ariel Güelmos, CEO of Ergos, said:

Joining the Accenture Cloud First team will enable us to scale our data-led experience for major worldwide clients to achieve better business outcomes, faster – from improving how they work, how they serve customers, and how they differentiate through new products and services.

Operating as one, the Accenture team will continue to transform data into wisdom as it embarks on many exciting, new transformation projects.

Indeed, its team of almost 700,000 employees, working across 200 locations, is currently working with more than 7,000 clients – offering support with everything from creating digital commerce strategies to building the metaverse.



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