Accenture Purchases Nextira in AI, ML Push

Accenture strives to accelerate its enterprise technology innovation

Accenture Purchases Nextira in AI, ML Push
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Published: June 2, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Accenture has acquired Nextira, a provider of cloud-based analytics, enterprise-grade immersive experiences, and predictive data solutions to support customer relationships in the media and entertainment industry.

The acquisition will likely enable Accenture to boost its delivery of AI and ML solutions to distribute and optimize enterprise-grade RT3D and analytics applications.

Accenture bought the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Partner also to optimize its Cloud First service, which assists enterprise end-users in leveraging cloud capabilities and tools.

The firms did not reveal the cost or terms of the deal, although the acquisition will see roughly 70 employees integrate into Accenture’s AWS Business Group alongside 20,000 certified professionals.

Nextira to Provide Accenture Customers with Innovation and Scalability

Karthik Narain, the Global Lead for Accenture Cloud First, noted that the Nextira deal provides Accenture clients with a “proven expertise” in providing digital engineering and architecting cloud solutions to enable workplace technology scalability and innovation.

Additionally, Narain explained that Accenture would leverage Nextira’s brand of AI, ML, and analytics tools to enhance the firm’s cloud-based tracking for improved predictive data outcomes.

Karthik Narain added:

We will combine Nextira’s AI, machine learning, and data and analytics abilities with Accenture’s approach to using modern data platforms on cloud. This will deliver the actionable insights and predictive outcomes that our clients need to create new applications and services, deliver innovative customer and employee experiences and fuel their next wave of product and market growth.

Moreover, Jason Cutrer, the Founder and CEO of Nextira, said that the firm’s strategy is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create “better futures for our clients.”

Accenture is a leading firm in terms of enterprise technology innovation. The firm is ready to adopt new technology from AI to ML to VR to secure forward-thinking methodologies for customer and worker-facing relations and outcomes.

Jason Cutrer also added:

Joining Accenture will connect our deep experience in platform and software engineering with Accenture’s breadth of knowledge across cloud technologies, creating new opportunities for organizations to unlock the potential of emerging technologies to drive business value.

Accenture’s Cloud First and its AWS Business Group also focus on stimulating workplace technology innovations. The groups focus on researching and distributing emerging enterprise solutions, including cloud, data, and AI.



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