AWS Launches New Infrastructure Region In India

The new infrastructure will support the development of 48,000 full-time jobs

AWS Launches New Infrastructure Region In India
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Published: November 25, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

AWS has announced the development of a new AWS infrastructure region for India.

The AWS Asia Pacific region will provide start-ups, entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises – alongside government, education, and non-profit organizations – with more options for running their applications and delivering services across India.

AWS clients may also leverage advanced AWS technologies to unlock more innovation.

Options range from data analytics tools and security systems to machine learning and AI.

In addition, clients and partners in India can also benefit from greater resilience, lower latency, and higher availability levels.

According to AWS, the launch of the new region is part of the company’s long-term commitment to developing its presence in the country.

An Expanding Presence in India

AWS has committed to investing approximately $4.4 billion into the AWS region in Hyderabad, helping more companies and organizations leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Such investment includes capital expenditure on developing new data centers alongside operational expenses linked to ongoing facility and utility costs.

The investment should also support the development of around 48,000 full-time jobs.

Prasad Kalyanaraman, VP of Infrastructure Services for AWS, added: “The launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region supports India’s digital transformation and is part of our long-term investment in the country since opening our first office in 2011.”

We are proud to invest in the future of the Indian technology community and workforce, and we are committed to helping organizations across industries increase agility and drive innovation.

Kalyanaraman also notes AWS’s commitment to helping companies across this region boost their agility and innovation.

Building a Phenomenal Global Presence

As part of the $1 trillion digital economy vision introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the “India Cloud” is on the road towards rapid expansion and innovation.

The decision of AWS to expand its data centers in India will significantly impact this landscape.

Additionally, the commitment of AWS to maintaining a sustainable ecosystem ensures India will have access to more “sustainable” and green digital solutions.

The launch of the new AWS environment will also provide 96 availability zones spread across 30 geographic regions.

Moreover, the company plans to launch 15 more zones and five more AWS regions across Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, and Australia.

Each AWS Region composes of various availability zones, which place crucial infrastructure in distinctive geographic locations.

These zones have independent cooling, power, and security measures and connect via ultra-low latency redundant networks.

Companies can even design their applications to run across multiple availability zones simultaneously for enhanced fault tolerance.

Elsewhere, AWS recently achieved leadership status in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services 2022.



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