CallCabinet Announces Acquisition of SIP Print

Rebekah Carter

CallCabinet and SIP Print create new voice analytics environment

CallCabinet Announces Acquisition of SIP Print

CallCabinet, a company dedicated to supporting global enterprises and carriers around the globe with native cloud-based recording, analytics, and quality assurance, recently announced their acquisition of SIP Print. The SIP Print brand is a pioneer in the VoIP and SIP call recording industry. Together, the two brands will come together to deliver a variety of in-depth upgrades to the SIP Print global customer base.

According to the VP of Sales for SIP Print, Nancy Griffith, providing clients with best-in-breed call recording tech has always been the goal of the business. The incredible capabilities of the CallCabinet Atmos platform will have a significant impact on SIP Print users. CallCabinet’s AI technology can accurately identify potential compliance issues and hazards with customers, while offering insights into potential business opportunities and new trends too.

Introducing SIP Print by CallCabinet

SIP Print LogoThe SIP Print solution will now be referred to as “SIP Print by Call Cabinet.” Users of the solution will benefit from access to all of the award-winning features supplied as part of the CallCabinet AI-enhanced Atmos recording platform. These capabilities include:

  • Reliable cloud-based call recording
  • Regulatory call compliance solutions for HIPAA, PCI, MiFID II and more
  • AI-enhanced analytics for call recordings, including keyword recognition
  • Agent screen capture solutions
  • Automatic call quality assurance

The larger carrier and ITSP customers in the SIP Print community will also be able to benefit from the advanced multi-tenant capabilities available from the Atmos network too.

According to Ron Romanchik, the Chief Revenue Officer of CallCabinet, the decision to acquire SIP Print was a strategic step forward for the CallCabinet brand. This new purchase will expand the company’s market penetration in North America, with value-added resellers and carriers, further establishing the company’s growing presence in analytics and cloud recording.

Planning for Ongoing Growth

The CallCabinet team is excited to be bringing the SIP Print partner base a new selection of advanced features that will help them to gain a practical edge in their chosen niche and marketplaces. The Call Cabinet Corporation is currently the leading global provider of cloud-native and affordable call recording solutions for companies around the world. The Atmos platform provides users with flexible subscription-based system that they can adapt and alter as they grow.

Going forward, the SIP Print acquisition will allow CallCabinet to continue bringing advanced and competitive functionality to users around the globe. You can schedule a free demonstration of the newly enhanced CallCabinet platform today.



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