Dialpad Does AI Differently. Now, It’s Prioritizing Partnerships and Integrations

Microsoft Teams and HubSpot are now available as integrated apps within Dialpad’s App Marketplace

Dialpad Does AI Differently. Now, Its Prioritizing Partnerships and Integrations
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Published: January 17, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Dialpad does not approach AI like other contact center vendors. Instead of partnering with third parties to support the development of its AI portfolio, it does everything in-house.

The high-profile acquisitions of Koopid, Kare, and TalkIQ helped here, allowing Dialpad to expand its interaction analytics, conversational AI, and automation capabilities, to name a few.

As a result, Dialpad enjoys greater control over its feature releases, integrations, and go-forward plan, as opposed to assembling multiple capabilities through partnerships.

Dialpad aims to differentiate itself with this approach and move faster, continuously releasing new AI-powered CCaaS tools.

It did so throughout 2022, with its “first-ever” AI-powered CSAT tool an excellent example.

Yet, despite its divergent approach, Dialpad must avoid isolating its technology at a time when words such as “interoperability” and “convergence” are on every CX leader’s lips.

Indeed, while it has an out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce, it has historically lacked tight integrations with prominent CX solutions. These included Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, and HubSpot.

Thankfully, this is changing…

Adding Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, and HubSpot to Its Marketplace

Dialpad has launched Teams and HubSpot as integrated apps within its App Marketplace, with Dynamics on the way.

Alongside these additions, Dialpad will release integrations to ServiceNow, Bullhorn, and the new Google ChromeOS Desk Connector.

With these integrations, Dialpad hopes to cover many more verticals and business needs while assisting contact centers in simplifying agent experiences.

“Our partnerships with companies like Google open up integration options for us to bring mutual customers more flexibility to meet their individual business needs,” added Sangeeta Walsh, VP of Strategic Alliances at Dialpad.

We’re focused on growing the Dialpad App Partner program and App Marketplace to continue and increase efficiencies for our customers and their employees.

Alongside these new applications, Dialpad has enhanced its open app ecosystem. These updates allow its customers to integrate apps and workstreams in a single workspace more easily.

According to Michael Brandenburg, a Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, the updates will support users in creating complex communication flows. He states:

By reimagining its app marketplace, developer portals, and partner programs, Dialpad is keeping true to its mission of delivering better, smarter, more integrated EX and CX through its Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform.

Finally, Dialpad doubled down on its commitment to closely partner with Google, integrate its contact center APIs, and team up to advance customer-first workflows. This is just one sign of what is to come from the contact center vendor.

What’s Next for Dialpad?

While it fills gaps within its marketplace, Dialpad demands deep integrations and encourages its partners that develop on the platform to use low-code capabilities.

Regarding its AI portfolio, the vendor is also creating an AI-driven net promoter score, similar to its solution for customer satisfaction.

Yet, if Dialpad’s output is anything like 2022, expect many more innovations. After all, it released an AI-powered customer intelligence platform, agent experience innovations, and auto-QA tools in Q4 last year.

Maintaining this momentum is critical against a competitive business backdrop in which consumer patience is dwindling.

Recognizing this, organizations are eager to simplify service experiences. Dialpad is helping by integrating apps, simplifying communication workflows, and bringing customer and agent communication tools closer together.

These moves are mission-critical as Dialpad strives to seize the opportunity to break the boundaries of AI in service operations. After all, contact centers are only touching the surface of AI’s potential, and Dialpad finds itself in a unique position to push AI innovation further.

As it does so, a lack of partnerships and integration must not hold it back.


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