Genesys Unveils a New Customer Journey Analytics Solution

Charlie Mitchell

The new tool helps companies visualize CX insights to improve journey orchestration

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Genesys Unveils a New Customer Journey Analytics Solution

Genesys has launched its Pointillist Contact Center Optimization solution, enabling contact centers to visualize real-time customer journeys across multiple channels.

As such, the solution aims to support companies in measuring, monitoring, and improving journeys across the customer lifecycle.

It also connects to various enterprise software to unlock data, gain a complete view of the customer, and assess how particular customer behaviors impact critical CX outcomes.

The move follows the 2021 acquisition of Pointillist, allowing Genesys to harness new analytical capabilities. These enable the vendor to support clients with additional context, including customer intent and prior experiences.

Pulling each of these functionalities together, CX teams can more easily isolate customer journey pain points through data visualization.

Sharing his thoughts on the Pointillist Contact Center Optimization solution, Olivier Jouve, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud CX, said:

By extending our orchestration capability with deeper customer journey analytics, we’re making it easier to uncover and employ insights so companies can break down every barrier standing between people and great experiences.

Indeed, Genesys is striving to increase “total experience awareness and control” by offering greater visibility into the customer behaviors that drive critical customer outcomes.

As a result, the vendor hopes to help its clients increase customer satisfaction and boost loyalty. Thankfully, tests with early adopters have proved promising.

One such adopter was a large broadcast and cable television company. By harnessing the Pointillist Contact Center Optimization solution, it discovered that customers who suspended their mobile service online had lower net promoter scores (NPS) and higher phone call-in rates.

Delving into these results, it transpired that customers could suspend mobile services using the website but not resume them, adding to contact volumes considerably.

Thanks to these findings, the CX team prioritized improving its self-service functionality, enabling 10,000 customers to restart their services online every month.

Cutting this additional contact center demand saved the company $1 million annually and increased its NPS score by seven points.

Equipping companies with the capability to expose such customer journey anomalies excites Jim Tincher, Founder, CEO, and Journey Mapper-In-Chief at Heart of the Customer. He said:

“Today’s leaders are under increasing pressure to create intuitive experiences, developing the journey around individual customers’ needs in a real-time environment.

With its new solution, Genesys is empowering employees with real-time insights to better engage, prioritize and understand people as they shop, buy and need care — enabling businesses to drive better outcomes and create happier, engaged customers.

A final fascinating functionality of the Pointillist Contact Center Optimization solution is that it alerts CX teams when it detects unusual operational patterns. As such, businesses can react quickly to emerging issues to safeguard customer satisfaction and ease the strain on the contact center.

Innovations of this ilk are coming thick and fast from the vendor, as it recently teamed up with Ariana Huffington to release Thrive Reset for Genesys, a cutting-edge EX tool.

Perhaps as a result, Genesys has recently enjoyed many significant wins. One of which was the ‘largest deal’ in its history.



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