Google Powers Digital Transformation at BT

Charlie Mitchell

The partnership aims to enhance how BT harness AI at every level of its business

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Google Powers Digital Transformation at BT

Google Cloud has signed a five-year partnership with BT to accelerate digital transformation and “deliver superior customer experiences”.

AI will play a significant role within this, as BT deploys machine learning and analytics technologies across the organisation to enhance decision making with data-driven insights.

Such a data-driven approach will also enable BT to strengthen CX by building deeper personalisation into its offerings and go-to-market proposition.

Alongside AI, BT will utilise Google cloud infrastructure, security, and API management to improve CX, cut costs and create new revenue streams.

Commenting on the partnership, Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at BT, says:

Our partnership with Google is one of a series of strategic moves that BT Digital is taking to help accelerate BT’s growth and digital transformation. This is a partnership that is deeper than just at the technology level. It will help Digital as a whole supercharge BT and drive its return to growth.

Google is also supporting BT in creating “zero ops” autonomous operations culture, which will enable the business to operate a data and AI platform in the cloud at scale. It also aims to speed up product development and continuous innovation transform BT workflows.

These workflows will strengthen customer and employee experiences as BT unlock hundreds of business use cases from the Google Cloud technology suite.

From a CX perspective, one excellent example is how BT will exploit new real-time network analytics capabilities to enhance customer service through fault management and assurance.

Yet, such innovation is just the tip of the iceberg. As Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google, adds:

By deploying our full cloud capabilities, and support from our SRE organisation, our goal in this partnership is to set up BT with the tools it needs for future growth and innovation.

The five-year partnership is already kicking into gear, as BT strives to complete core data migration to Google Cloud by 2023.



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