Microsoft Announces New Customer Journey Orchestration Capabilities

Charlie Mitchell

The additions to its Dynamics 365 Marketing platform turn insights into AI-powered actions that alter customer experiences

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Microsoft Announces New Customer Journey Orchestration Capabilities

Microsoft has launched new real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities for its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing solution.

These features enable companies to gather real-time information regarding digital communications across email, mobile, social media, and in-person touchpoints.

With live statistics related to channel optimization and engagement, companies can deeply understand customer behaviors.

Harnessing this knowledge, businesses may design customer led-experiences, triggering events when customers make particular actions and enabling more seamless experiences.

Also, users can communicate with customers via their preferred channel and timing by exploiting the AI-driven recommendations now available within the solution.

Quoted in a Microsoft blog, Liz Miller, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, added:

Creating an enterprise-wide common conversation that meets customers in their exact moment of need is core to a successful growth strategy. This is exactly what makes Customer Journey Orchestration in Dynamics 365 Marketing a compelling and important addition to the Dynamics suite. It is an intuitive solution to one of CX’s greatest challenges: learning from signals and responding beyond expectations.

By integrating the solution with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, the Microsoft Customer Data platform, companies can further increase the intelligence with which they design customer journeys.

In addition, it is possible to unify customer data, build individual customer profiles, and isolate segments that pave the way for a more sophisticated customer prioritization strategy.

Muhammad Alam, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics 365, discussed these possibilities further when making the announcement. He stated:

Any team driving customer experiences can engage customers in real-time based on interactions across marketing, sales, commerce, and service to win customers and earn loyalty faster. The solution enables teams to personalize experiences with artificial intelligence (AI) across digital and physical touchpoints, and build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform.

Other exciting product news included the launch of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management solution and the integration of Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365.

The latter is fascinating from a CX perspective, as it allows employees to collaborate anywhere from an integrated workspace.

Consider the integration of Microsoft Teams and its CCaaS solution, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Contact center teams can store knowledge, connect to subject matter experts, and share customer insights in one central location to enhance service experiences.

Such developments will support Microsoft in its plans to ramp up its contact center capabilities and ‘aggressively’ innovate in the CCaaS Space.



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