NHS Digital Adopt ServiceNow Cloud Management Tools

Rory Greener

NHS Digital chooses ServiceNow to support 1.5 million healthcare staff

ServiceNow Vertical Market
NHS Digital Adopt ServiceNow Cloud Management Tools

This Wednesday, the NHS partnered with ServiceNow, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) platform, to enhance connectivity between employees and customers.

ServiceNow’s integration into the NHS Digital communications infrastructure connects roughly 1.5 million NHS healthcare experts across 20,000 health and care organizations worldwide. The integration also enables NHS staff to access 150 live services, which include a further 200 acute groups like departments, specialists, and trusts.

In addition, the ServiceNow adoption provides a solution that helps patients access and navigate the NHS smartphone application. Therefore, enabling the NHS to provide better patient care and communication.

Choosing ServiceNow to Improve Internal NHS Communications

The NHS is leveraging ServiceNow’s solutions to provide its staff and patients with a consolidated service platform. The solution enables NHS healthcare professionals to operate the CX service at all levels of the business.

ServiceNow is distributing its cloud-based CX platform to the NHS Digital subdivision allowing staff to spread the solution across various sectors. The scalable and flexible solution also lets the NHS distribute ServiceNow’s management tools to cover use cases like incident response, management reshuffles, reporting, service requests, and service status.

ServiceNow teamed up with project partner Cognizant, an IT consultancy firm, to deliver the digital communications infrastructure. Together the firms can distribute a scalable and secure service to support clinicians in managing NHS health data. Furthermore, the platform enables NHS staff to deliver efficient, seamless CX with reduced user complexities.

ServiceNow is integrating additional solutions like the Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), and Security Operations (SecOps) platforms. The integrated services provide CX optimization across NHS channels. NHSmail, its IT, and security structures will benefit from the integrated services due to improved reporting and problem-solving procedures.

An Ever-Evolving, Deep CX Challange

Jordi Ferrer, the VP and General Manager of UK&I at ServiceNow, noted that the healthcare market is already deep and complex. According to Ferrer, the area faces some of the biggest challenges in modern history.

The VP explained that NHS Digital understands healthcare complexity and patient challenges. He said:

NHS Digital recognises that this complexity should not be pushed onto the millions of employees, clinicians, and patients that rely and depend on these services every day.

Ferrer also added:

With the flexibility and scalability of the ServiceNow Platform, we were able to build a service management platform for NHS Digital that meets the current and future needs of the NHS network and its employees.

Moreover, via its NHS 111 subdivision, the healthcare group is evolving its out-of-hours patient care with new CX models. NHS 111 partnered with Content Guru in October to create a Patient Relationship Management solution to enhance customer and patient care experiences.

Elsewhere, ServiceNow recently strengthened its partnership with Zoom, effectively enabling the vendor to offer a native CCaaS solution to its customers.



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