“Only 44% of Data and Analytics Teams Add Value” – Gartner

Less than half of D&A leaders believe their teams add value to their organisations

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Published: March 23, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

A new survey by Gartner found that only 44 percent of data and analytics (D&A) leaders rated their teams as effective in adding value to their organizations. 

Gartner says that chief data and analytics officers (CDAOs) must add “presence, persistence, and performance” to attain tangible results. 

The survey took place online from September to the end of November last year, gathering results from 566 D&A leaders worldwide. 

Donna Medeiros, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, said: “D&A is in the business of driving stakeholder value. 

The most successful CDAOs are outperforming their peers by projecting an executive presence and building an agile and strategic D&A function that shapes data-driven business performance and operational excellence.

Adding Value with Presence

The D&A leaders, which rated themselves as “effective” and “very effective” across 17 leadership traits, also reported having effective team performance. 

43 percent of these D&A leaders committed time to their personal development, as compared with 19 percent of low performers. 

Alan Duncan, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner, commented: “Successful CDAOs must be elite leaders. 

Top-performing CDAOs invest in their success by developing skills to thrive in ambiguous circumstances, articulate compelling value stories, and identify D&A products and services that can drive business impact. 

Adding Value with Persistence

CDAOs have a broad range of responsibilities, including defining and implementing D&A strategy (60 percent), managing D&A strategy (59 percent), implementing D&A governance (55 percent), and overseeing data-driven culture change (54 percent). 

Many D&A functions are gaining greater investment, such as data management (65 percent), data governance (63 percent), and advanced analytics (60 percent). 

44 percent of D&A teams grew over the last year, and the mean average D&A budget is $5.41 million. 

Medeiros said: “The demands being placed upon D&A, as well as increased investment, reflect growing confidence in CDAOs’ abilities and recognition of the data office as an indispensable business function. 

“However, this leads to more work as pressure grows for D&A to achieve tangible business results.” 

The top three roadblocks to the success of D&A initiatives were skills and staff shortages (17 percent), lack of resources and funding to support the programs (13 percent), and lack of business stakeholder involvement and support (10 percent). 

Effective D&A teams, according to Gartner, need comprehensive talent management strategies, which include education and training for data literacy and data-driven culture. 

Adding Value with Performance

78 percent of respondents ranked organizational strategy and vision as one of the top three areas which determine D&A strategy, while 68 percent prioritize D&A initiatives that align with strategic goals. 

Duncan added: “CDAOs who prioritize strategy over tactics are the most successful. 

Because the CDAO serves multiple stakeholders across the business, they must align with organizational strategic priorities and focus on selling the D&A vision to the CEO, CIO, and CFO as key influencers. 

Gartner analysts will provide further data and analysis on data and analytics trends at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summits 2023, which take place in Orlando, Florida, on 20-22 March, 22-24 May in London, and at various other venues. 

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