Pega Announces Customer Data Connectors

Sandra Radlovački

The connectors let users link data streams from various data platforms to uncover deeper customer insights

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Pega Announces Customer Data Connectors

Pegasystems has launched Pega Customer Data Connectors to enable clients to connect their existing customer data platforms to Pega Customer Decision Hub.

The connectors let users link data streams from platforms like Adobe and Celebrus to uncover deeper customer insights in real-time.

The company aims to “help brands operationalise data more efficiently” by providing a bridge between its Customer Decision Hub platform and leading data providers.

As a result, users can manage different data sources more easily and leverage the centralizing AI-powered decisioning of the Customer Decision Hub. Then, Pega’s real-time AI optimizes customer interactions using the next-best actions, independent of specific data vendors.

Matt Nolan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Pega, said: “Every day, companies leave a goldmine of insight on the table because their vendors lack the decisioning capabilities required to operationalize intent, impacting the customer experience.”

“At the same time, it’s unrealistic to expect brands to replace the customer data solutions they’ve already invested in. That’s why Pega is launching Pega Customer Data Connectors – to help clients activate data at its fullest potential, with the freedom to use their CDP of choice.

“They can feed in whatever event streams or curated signals make sense for their business and Pega’s AI will help put it to work – and use the insights to build much deeper, more valuable customer relationships.”

The connectors can be integrated into the following platforms:

  • Adobe Experience Platform – The connectors stream segment membership data to Pega Customer Decision Hub which harnesses machine learning and to power the next-best action recommendations.
  • ZineOne – ZineOne provides the next best actions based on the intent of each visitor. Connecting this data to Pega’s next-best-action decisioning enables brands to better target consumers and trigger journey-specific actions.
  • Celebrus – This solution helps brands capture first-party data without tagging and convert that raw data into high-value intent signals. Then, the connector transfers those insights to Pega, which identifies and triggers relevant messages to increase response rates.

Pega Customer Data Connectors are available for instant download from Pega Marketplace. Customers can integrate and start using them in under 90 days.

Meanwhile, Salesforce recently expanded its partnership with Snowflake to provide similar capabilities to customers, such as the freedom to easily sync data across platforms and extract more insights.

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