Sabio Looks to Drive Greater Value from Data and AI

Salesforce and Genesys are to align more closely

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Sabio Looks to Drive Greater Value from Data and AI - CX Today News
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Published: December 19, 2023

George Malim

George Malim

The recent announcement that Salesforce and Genesys are to align more closely following their launch of CX Cloud strengthens Sabio’s position as Europe’s leading digital experience transformation services partner, says the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart Dorman.

CX Cloud is an AI-powered customer experience and relationship management solution jointly launched by the CCaaS and CRM companies. It is set to help businesses derive greater value from data and AI using Genesys Cloud and the Salesforce Service Cloud.

“Thanks to our knowledge of the market and the way it has been evolving in recent years, we’ve shaped our business strategy around the convergence of the contact centre, AI and CRM landscapes,” says Dorman, who points out that Sabio is a strategic partner to both Salesforce and Genesys. “In line with that, we’ve been strengthening our expertise in Genesys and Salesforce technologies to the extent that we’re now one of Salesforce’s leading Service Cloud specialists and the most certified Salesforce systems integrator in Europe. In addition, we’ve conducted more than 300 Service Cloud deployments – including the largest Field Service Cloud implementation in Europe.”

Sabio Group’s investment in Salesforce began more than three years ago with the company’s acquisition of makepositive, at the time Salesforce’s leading UK-based consulting partner. Now, two years on from that deal, the makepositive capability has been re-launched as Sabio Salesforce Practice, with Sabio itself now positioned as aa Salesforce Summit Partner, the highest tier in the Salesforce partner programme.

Turning to Genesys, Dorman explains that the company is one of Sabio’s closest partners, with Sabio having built and run more than 100 Genesys deployments across the globe. Sabio has Genesys Gold partner status and Dorman says Sabio is the company’s leading partner across Europe with Gold practices in the UK, Spain, France, The Netherlands and Denmark. The two companies’ closer alignment further strengthens Sabio’s offerings.

“This validates our strategy of investing in both Genesys and Salesforce capabilities and positions us alone as the true expert for organisations looking to navigate their digital transformation projects adopting Genesys and Salesforce tech,” adds Dorman. “For the CX industry in general, the closer alignment is fantastic news because it focuses on the convergence of contact centre and customer service technologies bringing together data, agents, bots and communication channels for smarter end-to-end customer and employee experiences.”

By combining contact centre and customer service technologies, agent and supervisor jobs can be made more seamless with smoother integration between enterprise contract centre and workforce engagement management capabilities from Genesys Cloud CX being brought to the Salesforce Service Cloud. Genesys expects the release of CX Cloud to enable organisations to better understand their customer interactions, behaviour and history across the entire customer journey thanks to the bi-directional data sharing that is enabled across the contact centre and customer service landscape.

“There are no other organisations that have our expertise in both Genesys and Salesforce technologies and this puts us in an excellent position to support customers in their deployments,” says Dorman. “Their closer alignment automatically strengthens our position as Europe’s leading digital experience transformation services partner.”

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