Salesforce Goes Deeper on Sustainable Tech Development with Ferrovial and NTT DATA

The expanded partnerships aim to deliver next generation of sustainable infrastructure technology

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Published: September 29, 2023

James Stephen

Salesforce has expanded its partnership with Ferrovial and NTT DATA to develop “the next generation of sustainable infrastructure technology.”

In doing so, the CRM leader strives to digitize more operation and management processes in the development of various infrastructures. These include roads, railways, and electrical distribution networks.

Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform may also introduce data analytics, information modeling, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to such projects and enable new workflows.

Arsenio Otero, Global Sales COO at Salesforce, expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded partnership: “Together with Ferrovial and NTT DATA, we are excited to improve the productivity of the whole infrastructure ecosystem.

We will be able to provide an integrated view of the infrastructure asset, the customer, third parties, and employees involved in the project and digitize operations across all the development stages.

The transport sector produces roughly one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN.

Ferrovial is working on ways to reduce these emissions by creating user-focused solutions, prolonging the life of assets, and enhancing daily operations.

Meanwhile, the technology consultancy and center of excellence (CoE), NTT DATA, will develop innovations for international application and commercialization.

Between them, the partners will look for ways to apply this technology to airports and other arenas requiring infrastructure management.

Dimitris Bountolos, General Director of Systems and Innovation at Ferrovial, explains the benefits and importance of this partnership: “The infrastructures of the future must provide clear value in improving the quality of life of citizens, promoting efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

“Digital technologies play a key role in achieving this goal, as they provide a broader view of the interactions between assets and users, as well as the environmental impact of operations.

With NTT DATA’s work and industry knowledge and the flexibility that the Salesforce platform offers we can build world-leading infrastructure of the future our people and planet requires.

Salesforce Customer 360

Customer 360 includes a portfolio of products that help businesses connect with their customers.

Moreover, it enables marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and data teams to increase their productivity through connected data, trusted AI, and Salesforce’s CRM platform.

Customer 360 also includes access to its AI Copilot “Einstein”, which uses generative AI and natural language processing to create content, access key customer information, and more, freeing up employees to focus on more complex work.

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce teased the Einstein 1 Platform, which will house all of the vendor’s CRM apps, Data Cloud, Einstein apps, and more.

Alongside this, Salesforce launched a “Customer Success Score” to enable businesses to maximize their investment by connecting individual functions with the broader customer experience.



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