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The Leading Providers of Data Analytics Services

Top CX Data Analytics Services Providers for 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Data and analytics service providers in the CX industry give companies the tools they need to collect, analyze, and leverage valuable insights. From helping organizations to better understand their target audience, to offering specialist consulting services, the top providers ensure brands can make the most of the data they collect.  

The challenge for many brands is in finding the right CX data analytics services and solutions to address their specific needs. Based on our knowledge of the customer experience landscape, and the vendors behind it, we’ve created this comprehensive market map.  

Here, we’ve listed some of the most reliable and valuable data analytics services providers for companies to consider in 2024.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Data & Analytics Marketplace.

  • Accenture 
  • Deloitte 
  • HCL Technologies 
  • EY 
  • KPMG 
  • IBM 
  • TCS 
  • PwC 
  • Infosys 
  • Capgemini 
  • Cognizant 
  • Wipro 
  • Atos 
  • Genpact 
  • Tech Mahindra 
  • DXC Technology 
  • EPAM 


Considered a leader in the Data and Analytics Service providers landscape, Accenture is a technology company that offers organizations innovative ways to assess and use their data. Combining in-depth analytics with artificial intelligence, Accenture’s solution can help organizations identify opportunities for growth and differentiate themselves from the competition.  

Accenture can assist with everything from generative AI consulting, to data transformation, SynOps, and business process analytics. Companies can even take advantage of applied intelligence solutions, which embed AI capabilities into their existing tools and platforms.  There are even tools for data discovery and augmentation, and analytics strategy development. 

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With years of experience in the analytical landscape, Deloitte is a company committed to helping member firms design, build, and optimize insight-driven organizations. The company’s Data analytics services offer companies access to solutions for managing data, delivering information, improving performance, and amplifying intelligence.  

Offerings range from Deloitte’s Master Data Management solution, to data warehousing options and a comprehensive data migration engine. Deloitte can also assist with the development of data lakes, reporting visualization and more. Plus, the company works with a wide selection of partners to deliver more comprehensive custom solutions for teams.  

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HCL Technologies  

Otherwise known as HCL Tech, HCL Technologies is a vendor of digital solutions for cloud migration, and digital transformation. The data analytics services offered by the organization ensure companies can recognize opportunities for top-line and bottom-line growth, and implement powerful strategies for CX (customer experience) transformations.  

Companies can access insights and reports to help with data monetization, operational cost management, and even risk mitigation and fraud detection. Plus, HCL Tech also helps companies to discover new ways to boost employee productivity and efficiency, leveraging a combination of data expertise, and artificial intelligence. 

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EY, or Ernst & Young Global, is a multinational professional services partnership, and leading accounting firm. The company’s wide range of consulting services include dedicated solutions for data and decision intelligence, powered by artificial intelligence. There are also solutions for advanced analytics, tailored to the financial industry, and AI consulting services.  

EY takes a comprehensive approach to leveraging business data to assist with employee performance optimization, customer service enhancement and technology adoptions. Plus, they can also help companies discover new ways to differentiate themselves with sustainability strategies, and innovative automation technology.  

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KPMG knows the value of in-depth data insights, and what they mean for growing companies. To ensure organizations can make the right decisions, the company offers comprehensive consulting and advisory services, covering everything from auditing to deal advice. Analysts from the KPMG group offer companies a combination of expertise, and leading technology.  

The team can support organizations with data asset management, data strategy development, and even risk mitigation in the CX landscape. Plus, for organizations investing in new forms of digital transformation, KPMG offers an opportunity to leverage specialist software testing and integration services, alongside technology guidance.  

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Part of the broad range of digital services and solutions offered by IBM, the company’s data analytics services support companies with a range of use cases. With IBM, companies can gain assistance with planning analytical strategies, forecasting, and even predicting opportunities. There’s even the option to leverage tools like IBM Cognos for Business Intelligence.  

Leveraging innovative solutions like artificial intelligence, IBM ensures companies can digitize their business operations, and make rapid changes to processes. The company even offers intelligent solutions for prescriptive analytics, data collection, and management. Plus, companies can leverage automation tools to assist with minimizing risk and fraud.  

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Recognized as a leader in data analytics services, TCS, or Tata Consultancy Services, gives companies the insights and support they need to unlock the true value of their data. he company specializes in delivering bespoke and customized services to assist with business decision-making. Companies can work with TCS on enterprise data management, managing and disseminating insights for all applications and processes.  

With TCS, companies gain access to solutions for data integration, reporting, and visualization, as well as automated data collection. Plus, company’s broad range of solutions tackle a range of business challenges, from planning analytical strategies, to identifying opportunities for growth.  

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Specializing in the world of insights and discovery, PwC delivers a host of solutions to companies investing in the benefits of data analysis. With solutions like the Frontier Data Lab, gives companies a collaborative environment where they can bring their data to life in unique and immersive ways. Plus, PwC can assist with all kinds of data challenges, from data governance to migration.  

Companies can leverage the services offered by PwC to assist with data quality management and protection, as well as reporting, visualization, and machine learning. Plus, PwC has its own data intelligence platform offering in the cloud, which can automatically ingest, interpret, and report on a range of unstructured and structured data types.   

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Offering a broad range of data analytics options, Infosys combines expertise with AI and automation, to give companies full access to a holistic range of insights. The company has its own comprehensive data and analytics platform, based on open-stack technology, which supports companies in leveraging AI and managing data repositories.  

Infosys also offers a range of advisory services, from data maturity assessments, to strategic roadmap definition and technical consultancy. Plus, clients can tap Infosys to get support with predictive modelling and enrichment, workflow automation, and experimental design (A/B testing). Companies can also leverage a range of additional services, from the Infosys Information Grid to self-service data preparation tools.   

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Known for their intuitive market reports and insights, Capgemini offers a range of data-driven services and analytics solutions to companies. The organization’s approach to enterprise data analytics services covers a wide range of business needs. With Capgemini, companies can tap into data strategy development solutions, and intelligent process and performance analysis. 

There are solutions for data-driven finance, risk, and compliance requirements, as well as people analytics. The Capgemini Research Institute can also work with companies to assess market factors and develop deeper understanding of specific topics. Capgemini’s services are scalable and customizable to suit businesses from all industries.   

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Using their data analytics services, Cognizant helps organizations reimagine processes, modernize technology, and improve customer experiences. The business offers a range of dedicated data analytics offerings to companies to address different use cases. For instance, organizations can access assistance with planning for AI implementation in their technology stack.  

There are also services available to assist with data modernization, cleaning, and organization. Cognizant even has its own data platform, where companies can collect data from different sources, and create analytical reports for business growth. The company also offers a range of data testing services, migration support solutions and DevOps solutions. 

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Focusing on empowering enterprises with comprehensive intelligence, Wipro helps companies unlock the information they need to make intelligent growth decisions. Wipro’s range of services and solutions cover everything from reporting capabilities, to strategic advisory services, insights transformation, and data engineering.  

Aside from offering extensive expertise, Wipro also takes advantage of innovative tools, like the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The company’s solutions can even help organizations pinpoint opportunities to improve business processes and efficiency with automation and artificial intelligence. Plus, there’s a full range of managed services on offer.  

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Recognized by analysts like Gartner for its data analytics services, Atos helps companies from all industries unlock opportunities for digital transformation, and customer experience optimization. Atos offers innovative platforms and tools for collecting and managing data, such as the Atos OneCloud platform, as well as consulting and advisory services.  

The broad Atos data and analytics portfolio also includes a modern data architecture system, to help companies build and optimize data architecture. The company can also assist companies with more specific data strategies, like leveraging opportunities to implement AI and automation into workflows.  

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Supporting companies across a range of industries, NTT DATA helps companies transform and improve through consulting, industry solutions, managed services, and IT modernization. The company’s end-to-end data and intelligence services give organizations a framework for building unique experiences, and unlocking opportunities for growth.  

With NTT DATA, companies can gain assistance with everything from implementing AI into their ecosystem, to upgrading their technology infrastructure. There are solutions for responsible governance, reporting and business intelligence, and managed services. Moreover, NTT can help companies take advantage of new technologies, like NLP or computer vision. 

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Global professional services firm, Genpact, focuses on creating solutions that transform business operations and maximize positive impact. The company leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and cutting edge technology to assist with everything from data analysis to customer care. Solutions range from the PowerMe metadata platform, with its own intelligent data catalog, to a range of Data-focused services.  

Companies can leverage Data-Tech-AI services to plan strategies for data transformation, or access the Cora Data foundation for data integration. There are also dedicated solutions for financial analysis, supply chain analytics, machine learning operations, and more. 

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Tech Mahindra  

Multinational technology services and consulting company Tech Mahindra, offers access to a range of innovative data-driven solutions, from the Nxt.Now platform for building, managing, and exploring business models, to the DigitAll strategy and design services. With Tech Mahindra, companies can discover new ways to enhance and optimize processes and systems throughout their organization. 

The company’s NXT.Now offering includes a comprehensive cloud-based platform, blockchain technology, and tools for cyber security, to help preserve and protect data. Plus, companies gain access to end-to-end reporting solutions and consulting services from data experts. Business leaders can even gain support with building AI innovations. 

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DXC Technology  

IT services leader DXC Technology focuses on helping companies unlock digital transformation opportunities. The data analytics services offered by the company empower organizations to envision, design, and modernize their data environments. The company helps organizations solve complex technological, operational, and strategic challenges with expertise and technology.  

DXC Technology combines human-centric strategic design, with automation, generative AI, DataOps, and MLOps, and offers companies opportunities to hyperscale data management. With DXC, companies can address skill shortages, increase margins, and boost employee satisfaction. There are even opportunities to combine the company’s analytics platform with other business tools.  

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EPAM helps to build future-ready enterprises with the power of data and analysis. Combining consulting, training solutions, and technology, the organization specializes in intelligent automation and growth opportunities. EPAM helps organizations embrace the power of AI and develop comprehensive strategies for data governance, migration, and management.  

EPAM’s services include solutions for data factory and data mesh strategies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and business intelligence and self-service. The company specializes in a wide range of industries, tailoring their services to the specific needs of each organization. Plus, EPAM partners with cloud leaders like Microsoft, Google, and AWS.  

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