Twilio Offers Organizations a “Real-Time, Unified” View of Their Customers with New Launches

The company’s Segment solution will provide advanced access to data clouds and lakes.

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Published: June 11, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Twilio has released two new capabilities for Segment: Linked Audiences and Segment Data Graph.

The new features will combine data from lakes, clouds, and warehouses with Twilio Segment’s real-time CDP data – allowing businesses to transform diverse data points into “comprehensive, identity-resolved” profiles.

Twilio claims that this advanced level of interoperability will enhance users’ ability to understand and engage with customers, transforming their existing data platforms into a “dynamic source of operational application.”

Indeed, Thomas Wyatt – President at Twilio Segment – detailed how the real-time data capacity of the company’s enhancements will revolutionize how businesses utilize customer data:

Enhancing interoperability between Segment’s CDP with data platforms and warehouses helps businesses unlock the full power of their customer data.

“The combination brings this critical data to life, making every customer touchpoint and insight immediately actionable. We think of it like turning an analog map into an active GPS system that provides real-time guidance when you need it most.”

Better Data = Better AI

A byproduct of the data improvements that Twilio’s new capabilities will bring about, is unlocking the “transformative potential of AI,” as the company puts it.

Sounding like a factory in an alpine ski resort, data lakes, data lakehouses, and data warehouses generally play a large role in analytics and predictive AI due to their vast stores of organizational data.

According to Twilio, AI can leverage these immediate, data-driven customer interactions to enhance customer loyalty, drive better customer engagement, and increase marketing ROI.

The impact of Twilio’s data improvements on a company’s AI offerings was discussed by Onil Gunawardana, Head of Product Marketing Data Cloud at Snowflake:

Our collaboration with Twilio Segment is strategically aimed at amplifying the value we deliver within our AI Data Cloud ecosystem.

“With the enhanced interoperability, we enable marketers to access and utilize our platform’s data in new channels and effectively activate it in real-time at scale, ultimately leading to improved customer engagement and optimized business operations.”

So, let’s take a closer look at how these new features deliver on Twilio’s interoperability promises.

Linked Audiences

Currently in public beta, Linked Audiences is an intuitive audience-building tool designed for both B2B and B2C marketers.

Customers can take advantage of the merger of warehouse data and CDP data without needing to write SQL code – enhancing marketers’ ability to understand customer interactions more accurately, leading to better targeting and improved ROI.

In addition, the tool provides marketers with a simple, code-free interface for querying and segmenting data directly within their warehouses.

The company believes that this empowers technical marketers to quickly create and refine audience lists, enabling faster, data-driven decision-making. This direct access to data also facilitates quicker responses to market changes and customer preferences.

Segment Data Graph

Segment’s Data Graph is an advanced framework that transforms data platforms and warehouses into dynamic, actionable engines that boost business intelligence, according to Twilio.

The solution empowers data teams to dynamically define and manage relationships between datasets within these platforms and warehouses.

By connecting and activating all customer data points – from company accounts to product subscriptions and household details – it provides a holistic view crucial for informed decision-making.

This capability allows companies to craft precise audience segments and seamlessly transfer this data to their preferred downstream tools for advanced analytics, advertising technology, and marketing automation.

More News from Twilio

Prior to the latest releases, Twilio made news for reducing its losses by 83 percent.

Announced in the company’s Q1 earnings call, Twilio reported a net loss of $55.35 million, attributable to common stockholders, significantly reduced from $342.14 million in the same period in 2023.

This improvement follows two rounds of layoffs, the sale of its IoT division to Kore, and the divestiture of its ValueFirst business in 2023.

Twilio has also streamlined its portfolio by shutting down the desktop app for Authy.

However, these moves toward profitability have impacted revenue growth, which has slowed from 15 percent last year to four percent now.



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