Uniphore Acquires Red Box to Free Up Conversational Data for Its AI

The move lowers Uniphore’s reliance on third-party data providers

Uniphore Acquires Red Box to Free Up Conversational Data for Its AI
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Last Edited: February 2, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Uniphore has acquired UK-based conversational analytics provider Red Box for an undisclosed fee.

Red Box captures high-quality audio, screen, and metadata from customer conversations.

All this data will feed into Uniphore’s X Platform, an all-in-one AI suite that stitches together various AI, RPA, and knowledge solutions.

With this offering, Uniphore aims to remove the burden on end-users to integrate piecemeal AI tools.

Now, with Red Box onboard, businesses may free up more data to train the AI within Uniphore’s X Platform without working with third-party data providers.

Working with these providers is often challenging. After all, conversational data is frequently fragmented, siloed, and under the lock and key of many different vendors.

Yet, by taking every enterprise conversation, extracting data, and making it available within a single platform, Red Box will give Uniphore’s customers’ data sovereignty. This will maximize the potential of its AI.

“For every one of our large customer deployments, we’ve had to rely on third-party data providers for our products to work,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO & Co-Founder of Uniphore, in an interview on the vendor’s YouTube channel.

Now, there is an opportunity to go back to those customers… consolidate data across the enterprise and bring that to all Uniphore’s AI solutions on one platform. That is an unbelievable opportunity for both of us.

The news may also excite Red Box’s base of over 1,000 customers worldwide. Many of these utilize other solutions within its portfolio, including compliance and quality assurance tools.

Yet, its analytics capabilities are front and center of this deal. And, while Red Box has many rivals within this space, the vendor believes it offers Uniphore a unique proposition.

“We do see other players within the marketplace, but they are point solutions, and all they do is further embed that siloed mentality,” added Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box.

We believe this is an enterprise platform play, and that’s why we’re so excited now to be working with Uniphore and to be part of the team.

While targeting enterprises, Uniphore is increasing its market presence, with acquisitions part of its overarching strategy.

One of the more exciting came in 2021 when the vendor rolled up Emotion Research Lab, which strips data from motion detection and facial recognition tools.

In doing so, the business will be ready for when these solutions become more contact center integrated.

Yet, refocusing on the Red Box deal, this will help customers in the here and now, with its team also moving to Uniphore – alongside all its solutions and intellectual property.

Finally, the deal will allow Uniphore to expand its geographical footprint further into Europe, which was also a motivator behind its recently announced Avaya partnership.



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