Talkdesk’s Never-Ending Focus on Innovation

Talkdesk Continues to Transform and Evolve

Talkdesk’s Never-ending Focus on Innovation - CX Today News
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Last Edited: April 11, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

For some time now, the communication landscape has been moving through a period of rapid transformation and growth. While every organization in this industry needs to be agile enough to adapt to the evolutions of the landscape, some companies are riding the momentum better than others.

Talkdesk, with its commitment to constant innovation, development and discovery, has been rolling out endless new products and features recently. In the last 7 years, more than 70 products have been developed and introduced by the brand. I spoke to Talkdesk’s new President & COO, Bill Welch, to learn more about the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and transformation.

Delivering on the Talkdesk Innovation Promise

Bill told us he’s excited about the state of the industry overall, and believes Talkdesk is positioning itself perfectly in this evolutionary market, to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. Constant innovation is a core part of the Talkdesk identity. Bill and his team believe it’s crucial to constantly stay focused on the next chapter of technology, and respond to changes as they occur.

What’s more, Talkdesk aims to stay one step ahead of the trends. Even before AI and ChatGPT became buzzwords in the communication industry, Talkdesk was already thinking about how they could integrate intelligence into their organization, leveraging the power of the channel.

“The channel is incredibly important to any enterprise software company. For Talkdesk, the channel not only extends the reach of our brand, but helps us to deliver on our promise to transform and support customers. Our focus right now heavily revolves around amplifying the channel, and ensuring our partners can work with us to deliver exceptional experiences.”

Looking Ahead to the Future of Talkdesk

Bill noted a big focus for Talkdesk is on listening not just to the trends of the market, but the insights provided by its customers. “Both Talkdesk and our channel partners pay attention to the solutions customers actually need. We’re not just focused on pushing software, we’re looking for ways to deliver a solutions that have genuine value for our clients.”

Part of responding to customer expectations for Talkdesk, is finding ways to expand both horizontally and vertically. Talkdesk doesn’t just focus on customer experience, it looks at the full communication ecosystem, and how it can develop the “single pane of glass” technology buyers are looking for.

“We’re creating a comprehensive ecosystem where customers don’t have to worry about cobbling together different solutions. They can access everything they need in one convenient place. This means we can directly address a lot of the challenges our customers actually face. We build mission-critical solutions that actually make a difference for companies in every industry.”

Notably, Bill told us that Talkdesk’s commitment to value is one of the things that impresses him most about the company. “Talkdesk have looked for ways to deliver genuine value from day one. They understand the goals and pain points that drive their customers, and they respond to those needs.”

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